All Korg Apps Now Support Ios 8

All KORG apps now support iOS 8We thank you for your patience. Finally we have released new updates for following KORG apps which support iOS 8. Please update your apps to the latest versions.

Pioneer Appradio Mode Compatibility With Ios 8

Pioneer AppRadio Mode compatibility with iOS 8With the expected release of iOS 8 this Autumn, Pioneer would like to remind all AppRadio Mode users that these products are currently compatible with the following iPhone and iPod touch models and iOS software versions.

Roland : Piano Designer App For Ios And Android

images/2014/09/rolandpianodesignergal.jpgFine tune the tone of your Roland piano
The reason that acoustic pianos sound so rich and complex is due to the various physical components interacting with each other. The strings, soundboard, iron frame and wooden cabinet all work together to create that beloved grand piano sound. And in the hands of a skilled piano technician, the tonal character of an acoustic piano can be adjusted further, to suit a performer’s individual taste or to suit a specific venue. This type of tuning can be expensive though, and the voicing adjustment deteriorates over time, and must be readjusted by a technician at regular intervals for top performance.

Onkyo Latest Headphones Add Ios Controls To Their Posh Copper Cables

Onkyo latest headphones add iOS controls to their posh copper cablesOnkyo latest over-ears (the ES-CTI300) and in-ears (IE-CTI300) come with the company's first "super-conductive," oxygen-free 6N copper cable to include in-line controls for music and calls on iOS devices. The translucent cable is detachable, so you can switch it out if it gets damaged or if you'd prefer the older, seamless 6N cable (which has no controls) or the flat anti-tangle cable instead.

Square Enix Final Fantasy Vi Arriving On Ios And Android This Winter

Square Enix Final Fantasy VI Arriving On iOS And Android This WinterSquare Enix has been pretty busy releasing Final Fantasy titles for both iOS and Android devices, and if you’re planning on playing (or replaying) some Final Fantasy titles on your mobile device, you might be interested to learn that Final Fantasy VI will be making its way onto iOS and Android this winter. As expected of other Final Fantasy releases on mobile, Final Fantasy VI will see enhanced graphics while keeping to the overall theme of the game, which is to say that gamers can look forward to a 2D, 16-bit game like back in the day, which for some would be pretty nostalgic.

Final Fantasy Vi To Arrive On Ios And Android This Winter

Final Fantasy VI to arrive on iOS and Android this winterAfter releasing FFIV and FFV on iOS and Android, Square Enix will follow up its mobile gaming efforts with Final Fantasy VI this winter. Veteran fans might miss the game's old school looks, as it'll come with sharper sprites and enhanced graphics similar to the FFV version for these platforms.