Abe, Ishiba Campaign In Kyoto

Abe, Ishiba campaign in Kyoto

Japan's prime minister and a veteran lawmaker campaigned in Kyoto on Saturday, ahead of an election to choose the leader of the main governing party. Shinzo Abe said he'll promote tourism to jump-start regional economies, while Shigeru Ishiba is calling for moving some central government offices outside Tokyo to rejuvenate the countryside.

Abe is seeking a 3rd straight term as the president of the Liberal Democratic Party. He said regional revitalization must be promoted, as many people across Japan say they've yet to enjoy the benefits of an economic recovery.

Abe, Ishiba Pitch Policies In Ldp Leadership Race

Abe, Ishiba pitch policies in LDP leadership race

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and former defense minister Shigeru Ishiba have held a wide-ranging policy debate as they campaign in the leadership election of Japan's main governing Liberal Democratic Party.

The race will effectively decide who leads Japan. Abe is seeking a 3rd straight term. Ishiba is a former LDP secretary general. He has also held cabinet posts.

Abe, Ishiba Launch Campaigns

Abe, Ishiba launch campaigns

Japan's Prime Minister and the former Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party have officially launched their campaigns to lead the main ruling party. The race will also effectively decide who leads Japan.

Representatives from both Shinzo Abe and Shigeru Ishiba filed papers at party headquarters.

Ishiba Announces Ldp Election Run

Ishiba announces LDP election run

A veteran Japanese lawmaker is throwing his hat into the ring to lead the ruling Liberal Democratic Party. Former Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba says he'll stand in next month's leadership race. And the winner of that is all but certain to be Japan's next prime minister.

Ishiba announced his plan at a news conference Friday and vowed to restore trust in politics. He says "I believe politics needs to be honest and fair, sincere and humble. That's because the blueprint for Japan needs to be rewritten to cope with the major challenges the country will face in the future."

Ishiba To Announce Candidacy For Ldp Leader Race

Ishiba to announce candidacy for LDP leader race

Former Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba will officially announce his candidacy for LDP president in September.

Ishiba is expected to make his run official at a news conference on Friday afternoon. He has said he wants to restore the public's trust in politics.

Ldp Election May Be A Battle Between Abe, Ishiba

LDP election may be a battle between Abe, Ishiba

Speculation is growing within Japan's main governing Liberal Democratic Party that the September party presidential election will be a battle between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and former party secretary general Shigeru Ishiba.

Former foreign minister Fumio Kishida, who currently heads the LDP Policy Research Council, announced on Tuesday that he will not run in the election and instead support Abe. Kishida cited as reasons the severe damage from the recent rain disaster in western Japan, the North Korea issue and other diplomatic challenges.