Typhoon Expected To Approach Ogasawara Islands

Typhoon expected to approach Ogasawara Islands

Typhoon Jongdari is expected to approach Japan's Ogasawara Islands on Friday afternoon. The Pacific archipelago lies about 1,000 kilometers south of the country's main island of Honshu.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 3 AM on Friday, the typhoon was situated south of the Ogasawara Islands and heading northeast at 20 kilometers per hour.

Ex-japanese Residents Visit Russian-held Islands

Ex-Japanese residents visit Russian-held islands

Former Japanese residents of 4 Russian-held islands claimed by Japan have arrived at 2 of them to visit family graves.

A group of 70 people, including government officials, left Nakashibetsu Airport in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido by chartered plane shortly before 10 AM on Sunday.

Typhoon Maria Bringing Gusts To Okinawa Islands

Typhoon Maria bringing gusts to Okinawa islands

Typhoon Maria is bringing strong winds and rough seas to a remote island chain in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa.

The Meteorological Agency says the typhoon was located 190 kilometers north-northwest of Yonaguni in the Sakishima island chain as of 3 AM on Wednesday, local time, and is moving at 30 kilometers per hour.

Islands In Okinawa In Typhoon Storm Zone

Islands in Okinawa in Typhoon storm zone

A very strong typhoon, Maria, is battering an island chain of Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa.

The Meteorological Agency says that as of 5 PM on Tuesday, Maria was moving west near Miyako Island in the prefecture's western region at 30 kilometers per hour.

50th Anniv. Of Return Of Ogasawara Islands From Us

50th anniv. of return of Ogasawara Islands from US

Tuesday marks 50 years since the US returned the Ogasawara Islands to Japan. The Pacific archipelago lies some 1,000 kilometers south of Japan's main island.

The Ogasawara chain comprises some 30 islands including the World War Two battlefield Iwojima.

Humpback Whales Entertain Tourists Off Southern Islands

Humpback whales entertain tourists off southern islands

AMAMI-OSHIMA, Kagoshima Prefecture--Humpback whales were spotted off Amami-Oshima island on Jan. 18, part of their migratory pattern that has created a tourism hotspot southwest of the main Kyushu island.

Every year, humpback whales travel down from northern waters to the Amami and Okinawa islands to breed and nurture their calves.

Russia Names Islands Near Northern Territories

Russia names islands near Northern TerritoriesRussia has named islands in and around a group of islands known as the Northern Territories in Japan after military and other leaders from the Soviet era.
Russia controls the islands. Japan claims them. The Japanese government maintains that the islands are an inherent part of Japan's territory. It says they were illegally occupied after World War Two.

Japan To Discuss Flights To 4 Russian-held Islands

Japan to discuss flights to 4 Russian-held islandsJapanese and Russian officials plan to discuss ways that former Japanese residents of 4 Russian-held islands can be allowed to use flights to visit their hometowns in addition to current ship services.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin met for a bilateral summit last month. They agreed to study ways to ease the burden of travel between Japan and the islands in consideration of the advanced age of the former residents.

Oki Islands: Fishing For The Unfamiliar

Oki Islands: Fishing for the unfamiliar“Explore Unfamiliar Japan” is a regional tourism catchphrase and what better place to do this exploration than the Oki Islands in Shimane Prefecture?
These picturesque, remote islands are where you can discover unspoilt rural scenery, witness amazing nature, enjoy fascinating culture and meet kindhearted islanders.

Children Capture The Ogasawara Islands, A Unesco World Heritage Site, As Part Of A Panasonic Environmental Activity

Children Capture the Ogasawara Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as Part of a Panasonic Environmental ActivityPanasonic kids School World Heritage Eco Learning Program is slated to conduct educational activities in six countries during 2014, based on a strategic partnership between Panasonic and the UNESCO World Heritage Center. By conveying information to youngsters regarding the significance of the World Heritage Sites, the effects of global warming, and the importance of biodiversity, these activities aim to encourage them to help conserve the environment on their own initiative.