Children Capture The Ogasawara Islands, A Unesco World Heritage Site, As Part Of A Panasonic Environmental Activity

Children Capture the Ogasawara Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as Part of a Panasonic Environmental ActivityPanasonic kids School World Heritage Eco Learning Program is slated to conduct educational activities in six countries during 2014, based on a strategic partnership between Panasonic and the UNESCO World Heritage Center. By conveying information to youngsters regarding the significance of the World Heritage Sites, the effects of global warming, and the importance of biodiversity, these activities aim to encourage them to help conserve the environment on their own initiative.

Panasonic : Empowering Indonesians In Remote Areas Of Sumba And Sabu Islands With 1,000 Solar Lanterns

Panasonic : Empowering Indonesians in Remote Areas of Sumba and Sabu Islands with 1,000 Solar LanternsSumba and Sabu are two islands in Indonesia that are located in Eastern Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) area. Locals there hold dear to their traditional ancestral culture, called Merapu. With spacious hilly areas, several villages on these islands are located at the top of mountains and hills, a 4-hour long drive from the main city. Although the main city is developed, a few of these villages are still living without stable electricity supply.

Fukushima Students Visit Marshall Islands

Fukushima students visit Marshall IslandsFour university students from Japan are undertaking a weeklong tour of the Marshall Islands to share their experience about the nuclear disaster in Fukushima and learn about the Marshallese struggle in the aftermath of U.S. nuclear testing there 60 years ago.

Oki Islands To Be Added To Unesco Geoparks List

Oki Islands to be added to UNESCO geoparks listThe UNESCO Global Geoparks Network announced Monday it will add Shimane Prefecture's Oki Islands in the Sea of Japan to its geoparks list.

The announcement by the body under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization came at an international conference on South Korea's Cheju Island.

Major Triennial Art Event Connects The Setouchi Islands

Major triennial art event connects the Setouchi islandsEvery three years, the Setouchi International Art Festival installs artworks throughout the islands and ports of the Seto Inland Sea (Setonaikai, or Setouchi).

Following its initial success in 2010 when the first Setouchi festival drew around 940,000 visitors to the region, the mass contemporary arts event has returned on an even larger scale with a longer season spread over three sessions. Unlike other exhibitions, the Setouchi Triennale 2013 is deeply rooted in its location, by placing modern art installations among the beautiful natural landscapes and deserted houses of the Setouchi islands.

Part Of Port For Japan’s Southernmost Islands Emerges Above Sea

Part of port for Japan’s southernmost islands emerges above seaAt Japan's southernmost point, a portion of the port that will solidify the nation's claim to the exclusive economic zone around the islands of Okinotorishima in the Pacific Ocean can now be seen.

The facility, which will be used to unload supplies, fuel and water, is part of a 160-meter-long pier being built off a coral atoll with a circumference of about 11 kilometers.

Yaeyama Islands - The Last Paradise

Yaeyama Islands - The last paradisePositioned at the southern-most point of Japan are the beautiful Yaeyama Islands. Scattered around the central Ishigaki Island are a number of beautiful coral reefs that rival the best in the world. The people of the islands continue to lead a simple lifestyle while keeping their traditions from long ago. In addition, the unique ecosystem is home to a number of exotic plants and animals starting with the protected “Iriomote Yamaneko (Iriomote Mountain Cat)”. The Yaeyama Islands truly are Japan’s last paradise.