China Set To Increase Patrols Over Disputed Senkaku Islands

China set to increase patrols over disputed Senkaku IslandsChina said Monday it will intensify patrols near the Senkaku Islands, a disputed territory in the East China Sea controlled by Japan but also claimed by China.

The patrols are intended to protect China's "maritime interests and rights" over the islands, known in Chinese as Diaoyu, the official Xinhua News Agency quoted senior maritime patrol official Wu Ping as saying.

"The patrols are part of our long-term, important responsibility," said Wu, a deputy head of China Marine Surveillance, a government agency under China's State Oceanic Administration.

Japan Names 39 Uninhabited Islands

Japan names 39 uninhabited islandsJapan has given names to 39 uninhabited islands that serve as the basis for the boundary of the country's exclusive economic zone.

The government on Saturday announced the official names of the islands, including ones in Hokkaido in the country's north and 4 in the disputed Senkaku Islands in the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa.