Toyota Yaris Ia, Mazda Cx-3 Sales Show Crossover Formula Isn't An Automatic Win

Toyota Yaris iA, Mazda CX-3 sales show crossover formula isn't an automatic win

While 2017 was another watershed year for crossovers, in one interesting case, a crossover had its lunch eaten by its sedan counterpart. In the past year, Toyota sold nearly 36,000 Yaris iAs, a sedan that is identical to the foreign-market Mazda2 in everything but Toyota's ugly front bumper. In the same time frame, Mazda sold just over 16,000 CX-3s, a subcompact crossover based on the Mazda2. Not only that, but the Yaris iA saw an increase of around 8,000 units over 2016, and the CX-3 sold about 2,000 fewer units than in 2016.

Blizzard Isn't Ruling Out Hearthstone For The Nintendo Switch

Blizzard Isn't Ruling Out Hearthstone For The Nintendo Switch

Blizzard's Hearthstone is a game that seems to have struck a balance on all the platforms it is available on. It is perfect as a desktop game, but given the gameplay style, it also makes it a perfect game on the go, which is why Blizzard chose to launch it on mobile phones and tablets, but what about the Nintendo Switch?

According to a recent interview with Trusted Reviews at BlizzCon 2017, Hearthstone's senior game designer Peter Whalen said that launching it on the Switch was not outside the realm of possibility. He was quoted as saying, "I dunno, I don't think anyone is working on it, but I wouldn't rule it out either. Moving to tablets and phones was awesome. It made Hearthstone way more accessible for way, way more people, which is fantastic."

Sony Isn't Cutting The Vita Price In North America Due To International Exchange Rates

Sony isn't cutting the Vita price in North America due to international exchange ratesDespite the PlayStation Vita getting a recent price cut in its home country of Japan, Sony says it isn't getting a similar price adjustment in North America. The Vita recently dropped from 30,000 yen (3G) and 25,000 yen (WiFi-only) to 19,980 yen, but Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida tells Joystiq that that same price drop won't happen in the US.