Pacific Saury Festival Held In Iwate

Pacific saury festival held in Iwate

Crowds of people have gathered to enjoy free grilled fish at a festival in northeastern Japan.

The event was held on Sunday in Ofunato City, Iwate Prefecture, to celebrate the season's first catch of Pacific saury. The city boasts one of the largest landings of the fish in Japan.

Phone Game App Featuring 'yokai' Ghouls Free In Iwate Prefecture

Phone game app featuring 'yokai' ghouls free in Iwate Prefecture

TONO, Iwate Prefecture--A "Pokemon Go"-like smartphone game featuring "yokai" ghouls and hobgoblins is available for a limited time here.

The "Tono de Yokai Tomodachi Daisakusen" (Big operation for befriending yokai in Tono) app allows users to take pictures with monsters that appear on the screen and then share the photos on social networking services.

4 Found Dead In Iwate Ice Fishing Accident

4 found dead in Iwate ice fishing accidentThe bodies of four men who went missing after going ice fishing in the northeastern prefecture of Iwate were found Tuesday in a pond, local police said.
The four, all confirmed dead, have been identified as residents of Oshu, Iwate, the police said. Police found a crack in the ice covering the pond and ice fishing equipment nearby, including a tool to drill holes in the ice. Three vehicles were also parked near the site.

Seawall Completed On Iwate Coast

Seawall completed on Iwate coastA new seawall has been completed along the coast of Rikuzentakata city in Iwate Prefecture, which was devastated by the March 11 tsunami 6 years ago.
The 12.5 meter-high embankment stretches for 2 kilometers in an area where a forest of some 70,000 pine trees once stood before the disaster.

Equestrian Picks Training Iwate Team Over Rio

Equestrian picks training Iwate team over RioEquestrian Takamichi Mashiyama had his priorities, and perhaps to the surprise of many, the Rio de Janeiro Olympics were not at the top.
A four-time all-Japan show-jumping champion, Mashiyama abandoned his place on the team to Rio for a higher calling — to focus on training the team representing Iwate Prefecture at this autumn’s National Sports Festival there.

Elegant Hidehira-nuri Lacquerware A Symbol Of Iwate Prefecture

Elegant Hidehira-nuri lacquerware a symbol of Iwate PrefectureIwate Prefecture is known for its exquisite gold, vermillion and black Hidehira-nuri lacquerware.
It was during the Heian Period (794-1185) that warlord Fujiwara no Hidehira brought skilled artisans from the ancient capital of Kyoto and nurtured them to make the best use of lacquer in the Hiraizumi area of present-day Iwate Prefecture.