Time-honored 'tororo' Grated Yam, Fried With 'jinenjo' Jam

Time-honored 'tororo' grated yam, fried with 'jinenjo' jam

Inside a thatch-roofed house on the former site of Mariko-juku, one of the many stations of the old Tokaido route, is Chojiya, a restaurant specializing in "tororo" (grated yam) dishes, located about five kilometers southwest of Shizuoka Station.

Although Chojiya, which is said to have been established as the Sengoku period (Age of warring states) was drawing to a close, the building used today is an old traditional-style house that was relocated from nearby in 1970 by the late 12th-generation proprietor, Nobuo Shibayama.

New Lexus Ls 600h Is Jam-packed With Driving Assistance Systems

New Lexus LS 600h Is Jam-Packed With Driving Assistance Systems

If you're building a luxury car to compete with the likes of the BMW 7-Series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8, you best fit it with the latest in active safety technology, or risk falling behind.

Lexus knew this all too well while planning their all-new LS saloon, and the end product seems to be pretty future-proof, especially on Japanese roads where you can test out systems like automatic lane-change.

Jam Project Announces New Album And World Cosplay Summit Performance

JAM Project announces new album and World Cosplay Summit performanceAnisong super unit JAM Project (Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Masami Okui, and Yoshiki Fukuyama) appeared together on the live broadcast "MOTTO! MOTTO!! Radio Vol. 1″ on May 19 to promote the upcoming release "JAM Project LIVE TOUR 2016 ~AREA Z~" Blu-ray and DVD, due for release May 24.

Privacy Visor Glasses Jam Facial Recognition Systems To Protect Your Privacy

Privacy visor glasses jam facial recognition systems to protect your privacyThis is the world's first pair of glasses which prevent facial recognition by cameras. They are currently under development by Japan's National Institute of Informatics.

Photos taken without people's knowledge can violate privacy. For example, photos may be posted online, along with metadata including the time and location. But by wearing this device, you can stop your privacy from being infringed in such ways.