Japan's Epsilon Rocket To Lift Off With Satellites

Japan's Epsilon rocket to lift off with satellites

Japan's space agency is in the final stages of preparation to launch a rocket carrying seven small satellites.

The 26-meter-long Epsilon-4 will lift off from the Uchinoura Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, at 9:50 AM on Friday, local time.

Japan's Departure Tax Launched

Japan's departure tax launched

Japan has launched a departure tax for Japanese and foreigners leaving Japan, from January 7th.

The Japanese government will charge the new tax of 1,000 yen or about 9 dollars, to people leaving the country by air or sea. This is the first new national tax to be launched by Japan since a land value tax was introduced 27 years ago.

Japan: S.korea's Video Differs From Japan's Claim

Japan: S.Korea's video differs from Japan's claim

Japan's Defense Ministry has said in a statement that the content of a video clip released by South Korea presents claims that are different from Japan's stance over a radar incident.

Japanese officials say a South Korean destroyer directed its fire-control radar at Japan's P-1 patrol plane in the Sea of Japan on December 20th.

Abe: Japan's New Era Name To Be Announced April 1

Abe: Japan's new era name to be announced April 1

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says his government will announce the name of the country's new era on April 1st. He said the name will take effect on May 1st when Crown Prince Naruhito ascends the throne.

Abe held a New Year's press conference on Friday after visiting Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture.

Suga: Japan's Govt. Trying To Grasp Quake Damage

Suga: Japan's govt. trying to grasp quake damage

Japan's top government spokesperson says the government is doing all it can to grasp the extent of damage from the earthquake.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga was speaking at a news conference Thursday evening regarding the magnitude 5.0 quake that hit Kumamoto Prefecture minutes before.

Japan's New Era To Be Named On April 1st

Japan's new era to be named on April 1st

NHK has learned that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has decided to have the name of the country's new era announced on April 1st, after it is approved by the Cabinet earlier in the day.

Abe intends to outline his plan at a news conference on Friday.

Japan's Draft Budget Continues Dependence On Debts

Japan's draft budget continues dependence on debts

Japan's government approved its largest-ever draft budget on Friday. However, one-third of the total revenue eyed for the next fiscal year comes from issuing government bonds.

The budget plan for the year beginning April amounts to more than 101 trillion yen, or about 910 billion dollars. That's up 33 billion dollars from fiscal 2018.

Japan's Cabinet To Approve New Defense Guidelines

Japan's Cabinet to approve new defense guidelines

Japan's Cabinet is set to endorse new defense proposals, including turning a large destroyer into an aircraft carrier.

The new National Defense Program Guidelines, as well as the government's mid-term defense plan for next 5 years, are expected to be adopted at a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Researchers: 60% Of Japan's Beaches May Disappear

Researchers: 60% of Japan's beaches may disappear

Researchers say up to 60 percent of sandy beaches in Japan could disappear by the end of this century because of rising sea levels brought by global warming.

The group of scientists from Japan's National Institute for Environmental Studies and 27 other entities analyzed data from the 2014 report of the UN climate change panel and other sources.

Japan's Diet Enacts Foreign Workers Bill

Japan's Diet enacts foreign workers bill

Japan's ruling coalition has pushed a controversial bill through the Diet... with just a few days left before the current session ends. It will allow more foreign workers into the country.

The bill to change the immigration control law was enacted after fierce resistance from the opposition camp.
It has dominated the current Diet session.

Japan's First Recovery Capsule Successful

Japan's first recovery capsule successful

Japanese space agency JAXA says it has successfully sent cargo back from space for the first time.

A capsule containing crystalized proteins returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Sunday morning Japan Time as scheduled. It splashed down in the Pacific Ocean and JAXA sent a ship to recover it.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary On Us Midterms

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary on US midterms

Before the results of the US midterm elections came in, Japan's top government spokesperson said that the elections would not have an impact on bilateral ties.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said, "The Japan-US alliance is unshakable. I believe Republicans and Democrats both understand the importance of the relationship."

Japan's Tax Agency Locates Offshore Bank Accounts

Japan's tax agency locates offshore bank accounts

Japan's National Tax Agency has obtained information on more than half a million accounts at financial institutions overseas held by Japanese citizens and companies.

This comes amid heightened public interest in how the wealthy use offshore havens to evade paying taxes at home. The Japanese agency will analyze the data to crack down on tax evasion.

Japan's Best Goldfish Competition

Japan's best goldfish competition

A contest to choose Japan's best goldfish has been held in the central prefecture of Aichi.

An organization of goldfish breeders in Yatomi City holds the competition every year.