Japanese Lawmakers Protest Arrest Of Hk Activists

Japanese lawmakers protest arrest of HK activists

A nonpartisan group of Japanese lawmakers has issued a statement protesting the arrests of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong on suspicion of violating the new national security law for the territory.

The lawmakers include former defense minister Nakatani Gen of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and Lower House member Yamao Shiori of the opposition Democratic Party for the People.

Japanese Technology Helps Africa Fight Virus

Japanese technology helps Africa fight virus

There are growing concerns about the long-term spread of coronavirus infection in Africa. The number of confirmed cases on the continent has topped 1 million. Japan has been helping Africa deal with the pandemic.

The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research is located in Ghana. The Institute was founded more than four decades ago with Japanese aid.

Japanese Public Pay Respects To Lee Teng-hui

Japanese public pay respects to Lee Teng-hui

Many people in Japan are mourning the death of former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui.

Lee died of multiple organ failure last Thursday at the age of 97. He contributed to Taiwan's democratization. One of his biggest achievements was realizing the first direct vote to choose the territory's president.

Japanese Curry Chain Opens Branch In India

Japanese curry chain opens branch in India

A major Japanese food chain, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, on Monday opened a restaurant in India, the home of curry dishes.

The restaurant in the suburbs of New Delhi was initially planned to open earlier this year, but the coronavirus pandemic put the plan on hold.

Japanese Carmakers Bring Output Back To Normal

Japanese carmakers bring output back to normal

Major Japanese automakers are returning domestic factories to normal production levels. The companies say global demand for automobiles is on the mend .

Eight Japanese carmakers were forced to adjust output due to the pandemic.

Japanese Men And Women Living Longer

Japanese men and women living longer

Japan's average life expectancy reached record highs for both men and women last year.

The health and welfare ministry says the average lifespan was 87.45 years for women and 81.41 for men.

Japanese Corporate Capital Spending Revised Down

Japanese corporate capital spending revised down

Data on capital investment by Japanese companies for the January-March period has been revised down, after the impact of the coronavirus pandemic became clearer.

The survey by the Finance Ministry targeted roughly 30,000 firms with capital equivalent to at least 94,000 dollars.

Japanese Weather Officials Warn More Heavy Rain

Japanese weather officials warn more heavy rain

Japanese weather officials are warning torrential rains may pound wide areas of western and eastern Japan over the weekend.

The Meteorological Agency says warm, damp air is flowing towards a seasonal rain front hovering over western and eastern parts of archipelago, destabilizing atmospheric conditions across wide areas.

Japanese Travel Campaign To Start On Wednesday

Japanese travel campaign to start on Wednesday

Tokyo is reporting another 237 confirmed infections --- well above the numbers seen when businesses began reopening. But the government says it can balance plans to kick start the economy and the higher case numbers.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga Yoshihide said, "The government's basic stance is to prevent the virus from spreading, and continue a phased reopening of the economy."

Uae Probe Heads To Mars On Japanese Rocket

UAE probe heads to Mars on Japanese rocket

Officials are celebrating a successful launch of a Japanese rocket. It's part of the United Arab Emirates mission to Mars. Scientists and researchers in the UAE hope it will shed new light on the red planet.

The Hope probe began its 7-month journey to Mars on Monday morning. It was carried into space by an "H2A" rocket from Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan.

Japanese Rocket Carries Uae Mars Into Space

Japanese rocket carries UAE Mars into space

A Japanese rocket has been launched, carrying the United Arab Emirates' Mars explorer into space.

The "H2A" rocket carrying the "Hope" probe lifted off from Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan on Monday morning, local time.

Un Official Leaves For A-bombed Japanese Cities

UN official leaves for A-bombed Japanese cities

UN Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Nakamitsu Izumi will attend ceremonies in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August to mark the 75th anniversary of the US atomic bombing of the Japanese cities.

Nakamitsu decided to travel after Secretary-General Antonio Guterres gave up his trip to Hiroshima due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Two Japanese Destroyers To Join Us-led Rimpac

Two Japanese destroyers to join US-led RIMPAC

Two destroyers of Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force are expected to take part in US-led military exercises around Hawaii next month.

The biennial Rim of the Pacific Exercise, or RIMPAC, is scheduled to take place from August 17 to 31.

Japanese Disaster Minister Seeks More Volunteers

Japanese disaster minister seeks more volunteers

Japan's disaster management minister says areas stricken by torrential rains are suffering from a lack of volunteers to help the cleanup.

Takeda Ryota appeared on a NHK program on Sunday. He said that the number of people who have come forward to volunteer has been very low, because of concerns over the coronavirus.