1985 Jet Crash Victims Remembered

1985 jet crash victims remembered

Bereaved relatives of the victims of Japan's worst air disaster are making their annual visit to the crash site on a mountain north of Tokyo on the 34th anniversary of the accident.

The families and other mourners are hiking up Osutaka Ridge in Gunma Prefecture on Monday.

Service Held For Victims Of 1959 Fighter Jet Crash

Service held for victims of 1959 fighter jet crash

Hundreds of people gathered at an elementary school in Japan's Okinawa Prefecture to remember children who were killed in a US fighter jet crash 60 years ago.

The aircraft from the Kadena Air Base crashed into Miyamori Elementary School in Uruma City on June 30, 1959. Eighteen people, including 11 students, were killed and more than 200 were injured.

Lexus Really Put The Spindle Grille On Its Imaginary 'men In Black' Jet

Lexus really put the spindle grille on its imaginary 'Men in Black' jet

There is a large constituency of people who do not like — hate, even — Lexus' signature spindle grille. But Lexus likes it, A LOT. So much so, that the company included the spindle design into its newest conceptual design study, the Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer Jet that will appear in "Men in Black: International."

The two official trailers for the upcoming MIB reboot revealed that Lexus had a hand in the films. In the second, we even see a Lexus RC F transforming into an aircraft, a call back to Will Smith's and Tommy Lee Jones' flying car in the original. But this is the first full look at the fictional vehicle, which will be used by Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth.

Iwaya: Recovered Pieces May Come From Missing Jet

Iwaya: Recovered pieces may come from missing jet

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya has revealed that officials may have found pieces of a missing Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-35 fighter jet.

The advanced stealth combat aircraft, which was procured from the United States, went down in waters off Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, on April 9. It and the pilot are still missing.

Research Vessel To Join Search For Missing F35 Jet

Research vessel to join search for missing F35 jet

Ocean research vessel Kaimei will join the search for a F-35 stealth fighter in northern Japan. The jet went down in waters off Aomori Prefecture on April 9.

Search operations for the pilot and most parts of the aircraft are running into difficulties as the ocean in the area is up to 1,500 meters deep.

Undersea Search Begins For Asdf Fighter Jet

Undersea search begins for ASDF fighter jet

Japan's Defense Ministry says an undersea search has begun for an Air Self-Defense Force fighter jet that crashed off Aomori Prefecture on Tuesday.

Debris from the F-35A was found on Wednesday morning, but the pilot remains missing.

Japan Sdf Searching For Missing Jet And Pilot

Japan SDF searching for missing jet and pilot

Japan's Self-Defense Force is continuing its search for a stealth fighter jet that crashed off northern Japan Tuesday evening.

The F35A from Misawa Air Base disappeared from the radar screen at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Japan time.

Sdf Confirms F35a Jet Crash

SDF confirms F35A jet crash

Japan's Self-Defense Force has confirmed that one of its F35A fighter jets has crashed into the sea off Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan.

Officials say the pilot was flying with three other planes of the same model on a training mission on Tuesday. They say there were no reports of problems before contact was lost.

F35a Jet Part Apparently Found

F35A jet part apparently found

Japan's Self-Defense Force says it has found what could be debris from a missing F35A fighter jet that's feared to have crashed into the sea.

Officials say the pilot was flying with three other planes of the same model on a training mission. They say there were no reports of problems before contact was lost.

Asdf Fighter Jet Goes Missing While Training

ASDF fighter jet goes missing while training

Japanese defense officials are searching for a fighter jet off the coast of Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan. They lost contact while it was on a training mission.

Japanese Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya said, "At around 19:27 Tuesday, an F-35A from the Air Self-Defense Force Misawa air base lost radar contact 135 kilometers east of the coast during training."

Asdf Jet Disappears Over The Sea Off Aomori

ASDF jet disappears over the sea off Aomori

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force says an F35A fighter jet disappeared from radar over the sea off Aomori Prefecture, northern Japan, at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Japan Time.

ASDF officials said the aircraft took off from Misawa air base at around 7:00 p.m., and disappeared at a point about 135 kilometers east of Misawa City.

Japanese Sdf Jet Crashes, 2 Crew Rescued

Japanese SDF jet crashes, 2 crew rescued

Japan's Defense Ministry has confirmed a F-2 fighter jet has crashed off the coast of western Japan and the crew of two has been rescued alive.

Officials described the condition of both crew members, who were pulled from the sea, as "conscious."

Japanese Sdf Fighter Jet Missing

Japanese SDF fighter jet missing

Japanese Self-Defense Force officials say air traffic controllers have lost contact with an F2 fighter after it disappeared from radar early on Wednesday.

The aircraft was flying off the coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture, in western Japan.