Nogizaka46's Takayama Kazumi Joins Instagram

Nogizaka46's Takayama Kazumi joins Instagram

Nogizaka46 member Takayama Kazumi has joined Instagram (@takayama.kazumi.official).

On April 21, Takayama hosted a show on SHOWROOM to commemorate the paperback release of her novel 'Trapezium' (April 24). This is where she announced that she would be opening an Instagram account. In one of her posts, she explains where the title of her novel came from, "My editor and I came up with a bunch of titles to decide on temporarily. The final two were 'trapezium' and 'rectangle,' so we went with 'trapezium.'"

Hitachi Joins Face Shield Production

Hitachi joins face shield production

Japanese conglomerate Hitachi has announced it will start making face shields for healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

Hitachi plans to start producing face shields at three of its domestic production sites in Ibaraki Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture in mid-May, aiming to make about 10,000 pieces weekly by June.

Hikawa Kiyoshi Joins Instagram

Hikawa Kiyoshi joins Instagram

Enka singer Hikawa Kiyoshi has joined Instagram!

In addition to cuts from his 2020 calendar and CD artwork, Hikawa has uploaded some selfies. You can follow the singer here, or search his account name @hikawa_kiyoshi_official.

Jmsdf Destroyer Joins Malaysian Navy Drill

JMSDF destroyer joins Malaysian navy drill

A Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer has conducted a joint exercise with the Malaysian navy.

The Asagiri made a port call at Kuantan in eastern Malaysia on Wednesday. The vessel was on its way home after completing a counter-piracy mission off Somalia.

Hachimura Joins Nba Team Mini Camp

Hachimura joins NBA team mini camp

Japanese basketball player Rui Hachimura joined the mini camp of his new team the Washington Wizards on Tuesday.

The 21-year-old made history last Thursday when he became the first Japanese basketball player ever selected in the initial round of the NBA draft.

Shingo Katori Joins Hong Kong Tourism Event

Shingo Katori joins Hong Kong tourism event

Japanese artist and former pop group SMAP member Shingo Katori took part in the opening of a Hong Kong tourism event that began in central Tokyo on Thursday.

The 4-day event organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board seeks to attract visitors to Hong Kong and nearby Guangdong and Macau.