Karate Academy Hosts Kick-a-thon

Karate academy hosts kick-a-thonNearly 100 young karate students will be throwing a collective 10,000 kicks in support of local disadvantaged children through a Kicks for Kids Kick-a-thon at 1 p.m. Saturday at the World Champion Karate Academy, 3402 Irvin Cobb Drive.

Kelowna's Karate Kid

Kelowna's Karate KidA Kelowna teen is making waves in the world of competitive martial arts, bringing home a gold in March before heading to Ecuador with Team Canada later this year.

Japan Shudokan Budo-kai Karate School Brings Back Gold

Japan Shudokan Budo-Kai Karate School brings back goldThe 2016 AAU North Carolina State Karate Championships were held on Saturday in Winston Salem, NC. Over 150 competitors from all over North Carolina competed for state titles in their respective divisions and today started Zeb Mathis’s new quest for 2016 AAU Karate Gold.

Crosby Karate Girls Take Home Top Prizes

Crosby Karate girls take home top prizesAll of the girls that competed in the Best of the Best Karate Tournament in Houston took home first place trophies.
The Best of the Best is held in December and is known to be the toughest of the year.
It is presented by the American Cancer Society of Karate.

Here Is The Real Karate Kid

Here is the real Karate KidShe wears a lot of pink, and has an infectious giggle, but there's another side to Mahiro Takano.
Mahiro has a black belt in karate, and is a three-time national champion in Japan.

Family Names Karate Club In Memory Of Daughter

Family names karate club in memory of daughterA family who recently moved to Green Country shares their story about how the tragic death of a loved one brought them here.
We spoke to the father who said their mission in Oklahoma is to spread his daughters' love of karate with others.

Shotokan Karate Showcases Can-do Confidence, Strength

Shotokan karate showcases can-do confidence, strengthSelf-discipline. Respect. Flexibility. Self-esteem. Admirable goals, and ones not often met through doing just one type of exercise program. But Shotokan karate is not just any form of physical fitness. This style of martial arts is just that – as much art as it is exercise, as much philosophy as it is physicality.

Karate Roots Deep In Kokomo

Karate roots deep in KokomoThe City of Kokomo has long been a basketball and baseball town. Years of tradition on the hardwood brought the likes of Jimmy Rayl, Jim “Goose” Ligon, and Tico Brown into homes and the madness that is best known as Hoosier Hysteria. Despite the many skilled basketball players and baseball player, Kokomo also is known, but not always recognized as a martial arts town.