Photo : Karate Kid Nov 2015

Photo : Karate kid Nov 2015In this Nov. 18, 2015 photo, 9-year-old Mahiro Takano, center, three-time Japan karate champion in her age group practices in Nagaoka, Niigata Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Mahiro stars in singer Sia's latest music video "Alive," the just-released single from the singer's upcoming album.

4 Karate Masters From Japan Hold New Paltz Seminar Usa

4 karate masters from Japan hold New Paltz seminar USAPlenty of karate kicking, chopping and punching took place at the New Paltz High School gymnasium on Sunday.
More than 200 karate students, many of them black belts from the mid-Hudson, gathered for an historic international seminar.

Which Kind Of Karate Has Olympic Chops?

Which Kind of Karate Has Olympic Chops?Practitioners of one of the world’s most popular martial arts are beating themselves up over which form of the sport should be represented at the Olympics.
Karate is one of eight events competing to debut in the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. But which karate? The group that the International Olympic Committee has recognized to bid—the World Karate Federation—allows only minimal contact. Yet there are millions of karate fighters in other schools who do follow through with their punches.

Karate President Antonio Espinos Discusses The Olympic Dream

World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinos Discusses the Olympic DreamOn Monday, Japan will reveal which sporting events are to be added to the roster for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Of the eight events under consideration, karate is likely to be one those chosen, according to insiders. JRT recently spoke with Antonio Espinos, head of the World Karate Federation, the body recognized by the International Olympic Committee to represent the sport, about karate’s chances.

7-year-old Swipes Silver For Uae In International Karate Championship

7-year-old swipes silver for UAE in international karate championshipA seven-year-old Syrian boy has proven his fighting prowess by winning a silver medal in an international karate competition, despite falling ill before the event.
Suqrat Badrieh was one of five members representing the UAE at the World Shotokan Karate Federation’s 12th International Championship in Tokyo last month.

Usa Karate Academy Combats Bullies In A Peaceful Way

USA Karate Academy Combats Bullies in a Peaceful Way“Don’t Stand By, Stand Up” is the motto of the anti-bullying program at USA Karate Academy in Green Brook.
On Thursday, Sept. 17, the academy will devote its evening of classes to this program, which is also available to local elementary and middle schools.
“We have the program at the beginning of every school year, “ said Patty Haase, a 4th Degree Black Belt, who owns the academy with her daughter, Melinda Haase, also a 4th Degree Black Belt and head instructor.

Lincoln Karate Clinic Announces 6 New Black Belts

Lincoln Karate Clinic Announces 6 New Black BeltsWith a combined experience of over 50 years of karate training, 6 students at Lincoln Karate Clinic were promoted to 1st degree black belt Aug. 8.
Students were required to perform both a physical phase of the promotion test as well as a written/project phase of their testing.

Us : Karate A Powerful Therapy For Disabled Kids

US : Karate a powerful therapy for disabled kidsHalf a dozen children between 5 and 9 years old form a line facing the sensei and bow in respect.
Assuming the appropriate karate stance, they begin punching the air with their right fists, shouting with each jab, "One, sir. Two, sir. Three, sir."
While karate classes for children are held around the country every day, this class is special.

Presti Karate School Holds Tourney With Chuck Norris

Presti Karate School holds tourney with Chuck NorrisStudents and instructors from the Presti Karate Centers in Lewiston took a special trip to Las Vegas this summer to the International Training Conference and World Championships co-led by John Presti and world famous martial artist and actor Chuck Norris.