Shinano Railway Plans Revamp Of Karuizawa Station

Shinano Railway plans revamp of Karuizawa Station

UEDA, Nagano Prefecture--As Shinano Railway Co. turns 20, it is preparing an anniversary present for visitors of all ages.

The railway company announced March 14 that it will transform the Karuizawa Station building, located in a popular summer retreat, into a facility fun for children and parents alike.

Shell Villa In Karuizawa

Shell villa in KaruizawaA large shell shaped structure finds itself in the middle of the woods. It is hard to determine what exactly the structure is, and unlike the surrounding caves and rocks, it clearly is not a part of nature – nor is it a ruin. A frame, a shape, made at a completely different place for a completely different purpose. Within this shell shaped structure will one find floors constructed, wall separating spaces, and rooms furnished. The scenery conjures a SF film-like image, in which locals inhabit over an abandoned spacecraft. With time, trees start to grow encircling the spacecraft, harmonizing it into the landscape.