Exhibition Dedicated To Late Scholar Donald Keene

Exhibition dedicated to late scholar Donald Keene

An exhibition highlighting the life and achievements of the late scholar of Japanese literature, Donald Keene, is underway at a museum in Kashiwazaki City, central Japan. Keene died in February.

Keene revived a traditional puppet theatrical performance set in the city to give encouragement to survivors of the major earthquake that hit the city and surrounding areas in 2007. It was the first time in about 300 years that the performance had been staged.

Famous Scholar Donald Keene Dies At 96

Famous scholar Donald Keene dies at 96

Donald Keene, a distinguished scholar of Japanese literature, has died at the age of 96. He died of heart failure on Sunday morning in a hospital in Tokyo.

Keene was born in New York in 1922 and first studied the Japanese language in the US Navy. After World War Two, he enrolled at Kyoto University to study Japanese literature.

Noted Scholar Donald Keene Dies

Noted scholar Donald Keene dies

Donald Keene, a noted scholar of Japanese literature who received the country's highest cultural award, has died at the age of 96. He died of heart failure in a hospital in Tokyo.

Keene was known for introducing Japanese culture internationally through his translations of classical and modern Japanese literature. The American-born scholar was awarded the Order of Culture in 2008 and became a Japanese citizen in 2012.