Boiled Kidney With Flavors Of Sichuan Sure To Tempt Taste Buds

Boiled kidney with flavors of Sichuan sure to tempt taste buds

Chinese restaurant Kogetsu, run by Kazuo Yamanaka, stands quietly at Ikenohata near Ueno Park, its structure witness to the transformation of the capital from Edo to Tokyo.

The wooden building, dating to the early Showa Era (1926-1989), used to be an inn opened by Yamanaka's grandfather late in his life. The combination of a vintage building in the old district and authentic Chinese cuisine may give people pause for thought, but it was born out of the chef's strong wish to turn what he loved into a vocation.

Akb48's Minegishi Minami Diagnosed With Kidney Cyst

AKB48's Minegishi Minami diagnosed with kidney cystIt was revealed on AKB48's official blog that a member Minegishi Minami developed kidney cyst.
The blog post read, "Team 4's Minegishi Minami canceled her appearance on today's theater performance due to her poor health, and after the examination at a hospital, she was diagnosed with kidney cyst. So, she will be focusing on the treatment for a while."

Tuscan-style White Kidney Beans

Tuscan-style white kidney beansItaly's Tuscany region offers wine, olives and bean dishes.

Unlike in Japan, where kidney beans are often cooked with sugar, white kidney beans are used in Tuscany in appetizers, salads and soup.