Mazda Rx-7 Fd Rocks Strasse Wheels And Rocket Bunny Body Kit

Mazda RX-7 FD Rocks Strasse Wheels And Rocket Bunny Body KitThe third-generation Mazda RX-7 (and any RX-7 for that matter) doesn't really need modifications to stand out on the street. Mazda gave it smooth lines and great proportions straight from the factory — not to mention the mental twin-turbo Wankel engine.

Otsuka Ai's New Song 'dracaena' To Be Used In 'pikachin-kit' Anime

Otsuka Ai's new song 'Dracaena' to be used in 'Pikachin-Kit' anime

Otsuka Ai's new song "Dracaena" has been picked up as the ending theme for anime 'Pochitto Hatsumei: Pikachin-Kit.'

"Dracaena" is a medium-tempo ballad with the message, "to cherish the bond and compassion that come from the repeated meetings and separations in life." The title "Dracaena" comes from a plant that is called the "tree of happiness," and reportedly, Otsuka grows this tree at home. 

Nikon D850 Filmmaker Kit Launched In The Us

Nikon D850 Filmmaker Kit Launched In The US

Back then when it came to filming movies and videos in general, you would need a dedicated video camera to do so. However these days DSLRs come with video recording features which actually can do more than just hold their own. In fact if you're looking to get into filmmaking, you might be interested in Nikon's latest launch.

The company has recently launched the Nikon D850 Filmmaker's Kit in the US. As the name suggests, this is a kit aimed at videographers which will come with the Nikon D850, three prime lenses which includes the AF-S 20mm f/1.8G ED, the AF-S 35mm f/1.8G ED, and the AF-S 85mm f/1.8G, all of which will cover a wide range of shots such as wide-angles to close-ups.

2018 Nissan Titan Gets Factory-approved Lift Kit Option

2018 Nissan Titan gets factory-approved lift kit option

A lifted truck is a better truck. Let's just go with that logic for a moment and therefore rejoice at the news that you can now get the Nissan Titan and Nissan Titan XD with a factory-authorized suspension lift kit. Developed by ICON Vehicle Dynamics and available on Crew Cab 4x4 models, it can lift the truck up to 3 inches by way of adjustable height coilover shocks, custom rod end bearings and special Delta Joints. Given the standard ground clearance of various Crew Cab Titan trim levels, you'd be looking at clearance of between 11 and 13.6 inches with the lift kit. Nissan points out that no cutting or drilling is required.

Bbr Launches 210hp Turbo Kit For Base 1.5-liter Mazda Mx-5

BBR Launches 210HP Turbo Kit For Base 1.5-liter Mazda MX-5

Owners of the entry-level 1.5-liter Mazda MX-5 are now able to fit their cars with a new turbo kit designed by Miata specialists BBR.

The new turbo kit is a reengineered version of the turbo conversion for the 2.0-liter variants of the ND MX-5, designed for easy installation and without requiring any modifications on the 1.5-liter SkyActiv-G engine.

Toyota's 86 Performance Kit Adds Tons Of Stuff, Except, Well...performance

Toyota's 86 Performance Kit Adds Tons Of Stuff, Except, Well...Performance

Ever since it was launched, both the Press and the public have been clamoring for Toyota to make the 86 more powerful, but the company didn't satisfy their requests.

What they did recently was the introduction of a performance kit in Australia. Offered on the GTS and GT grades, regardless of the selected transmission, it adds an AUD $2,200 and $2,900 (USD $1,665 - $2,195) premium respectively, and comes with a number of mechanical and visual enhancements.