Yamadera Koichi Announces Divorce From Tanaka Rie

Yamadera Koichi announces divorce from Tanaka Rie

On August 3, voice actor Yamadera Koichi (57) announced that he and voice actress Tanaka Rie (39) divorced in July. This is Yamadera's second divorce.

On Twitter, Yamadera released a joint statement saying, "We are very sorry for announcing this very personal matter, but after discussion, we decided to make this announcement. Last month, we submitted our divorce papers. When we registered our marriage in 2012, many people congratulated us, but we gave chosen to go our separate ways in order to pursue the future we each envision.

Domoto Koichi To Release His 1st Dvd / Blu-ray Single

Domoto Koichi to release his 1st DVD / Blu-ray singleDomoto Koichi will release his first DVD / Blu-ray single "INTERACTIONAL / SHOW ME UP MONSTER" on June 10.
The last solo single Domoto released was "Ayakashi" about 6 years ago. His new single will consist of two very different types of dance numbers. "INTERACTIONAL" has a medium tempo, while "SHOW ME UP MONSTER" is more upbeat.