Kono Explains Aegis Ashore Plan Withdrawal

Kono explains Aegis Ashore plan withdrawal

Japan's Defense Minister Kono Taro says the government will withdraw a multi-billion-dollar plan to deploy the land-based missile defense system, known as Aegis Ashore.

Kono said, "The National Security Council discussed the matter and decided to give up on the plan to deploy Aegis Ashore in two prefectures, Akita and Yamaguchi."

Kono Reports About Halting Aegis Ashore Plan

Kono reports about halting Aegis Ashore plan

The Japanese government has held the National Security Council after its defense ministry decided to halt a plan deploying a land-based missile defense system called Aegis Ashore.

Defense Minister Kono Taro announced the decision last week, citing the need to modify the missile so that its booster falls safely. To avoid a vacuum in the country's defense, the government plans to use existing Aegis-equipped ships and ground-based PAC3 interceptor systems.

Kono Apologizes To Yamaguchi Governor

Kono apologizes to Yamaguchi governor

Japanese Defense Minister Kono Taro has apologized to the governor of Yamaguchi days after the government suspended plans to deploy a new land-based missile defense system in the western prefecture.

Yamaguchi was one of two candidate prefectures to host the US-made Aegis Ashore system. The Defense Ministry says the plan was halted due to the timing and cost of drastic modifications.

Kono: Changes In Defense Guidelines Are Possible

Kono: Changes in defense guidelines are possible

Japan's defense minister says changes in the country's defense guidelines are possible, following the government's decision to suspend a plan to deploy the land-based Aegis Ashore missile defense system.

Kono Taro said at a news conference on Friday that the government's decision to halt the plan will influence the country's national security strategy.

Kono Cites Technical Issues In Halting Aegis Plan

Kono cites technical issues in halting Aegis plan

The Japanese Defense Minister has cited technical issues in announcing a halt to the planned deployment of the land-based Aegis Ashore missile defense system in the country.

Kono Taro said on Monday that his ministry discovered it has to revamp an interceptor missile in order to ensure the safe landing of a rocket booster.

Kono: N.korea May Have Fired Missiles And Rockets

Kono: N.Korea may have fired missiles and rockets

Japan's Defense Minister Taro Kono says his ministry regards two projectiles fired by North Korea on Monday as short-range ballistic missiles similar to those the country launched on November 28.

He told reporters on Tuesday that the projectiles were fired within a minute of each other and flew about 240 kilometers at lower trajectories than the scud missiles North Korea possessed in the past.

Kono: Msdf Ship To Start Operating In Middle East

Kono: MSDF ship to start operating in Middle East

Japan's Defense Minister Taro Kono says a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer will start operating in the Middle East as soon as Wednesday.

The government dispatched the destroyer Takanami and aircraft to the Middle East for an intelligence gathering operation to safeguard commercial ships with links to Japan. The Takanami left the Yokosuka base, near Tokyo, on February 2.

Kono Inspects Destroyer, The Takanami

Kono inspects destroyer, the Takanami

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has given a talk to the crew of a Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer that will set out in early February for a mission in the Middle East.

Japan's government issued an order earlier this month to dispatch a destroyer and aircraft to the Middle East for an intelligence-gathering operation designed to safeguard commercial ships with links to Japan.

Kono Downplays Risks Of Sdf Middle East Mission

Kono downplays risks of SDF Middle East mission

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has downplayed the danger to the Self-Defense Forces' intelligence-gathering mission in the Middle East. The government hopes the information will help safeguard commercial ships at a time of regional tension.

Kono discussed the mission in an exclusive interview with NHK World on Thursday.

Kono: Sdf Liaison Officer Working At Us Command

Kono: SDF liaison officer working at US command

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has said a liaison officer has started working at a US command center for a Self-Defense Force intelligence-gathering mission in the Middle East.

Kono attended an Upper House committee session on Friday about the mission aimed at ensuring the safety of Japan-related shipping operating in the region.

Kono Calls For China's Action Before Xi's Visit

Kono calls for China's action before Xi's visit

Japan's defense minister urged Beijing to work toward improving the situation regarding China's increasing maritime activities ahead of President Xi Jinping's planned spring visit to Japan.

Taro Kono made the call Tuesday during a speech at Washington-based think tank the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Kono Inspects Japan-us Parachute Drill

Kono inspects Japan-US parachute drill

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has inspected a parachute drill by the Ground Self-Defense Force and the US military. The exercise is aimed at preparing for a possible attack on Japan's remote islands.

Kono visited Camp Narashino near Tokyo where the SDF's only parachute unit, the 1st Airborne Brigade, conducted this year's first exercise on Sunday.

Kono Issues Order For Sdf Dispatch To Middle East

Kono issues order for SDF dispatch to Middle East

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has issued an order to send an intelligence-gathering mission to the Middle East to help ensure the safe navigation of commercial vessels.

Kono ordered the dispatch of two patrol planes and one destroyer at a meeting with senior ministry and Self-Defense Forces officials on Friday.