Kono Willing To Meet S.korean Defense Minister

Kono willing to meet S.Korean defense minister

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono says he is ready to sit down with his South Korean counterpart during a meeting of Asia-Pacific defense ministers in Thailand next month.

Kono is considering traveling to Bangkok in mid-November to join the international meeting.

Kono: N.korea's Slbm May Be Medium-range

Kono: N.Korea's SLBM may be medium-range

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono says the missile that North Korea launched on Wednesday is believed to be a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, or new SLBM. He suggests it could be classified as a medium-range ballistic missile considering its possible range.

Kono spoke to reporters on Thursday after North Korea's state-media reported earlier in the day that the country succeeded in test-firing the Pukguksong-3 SLBM in the Sea of Japan on the previous day. It is believed to have fallen into waters within Japan's exclusive economic zone.

Kono Apologizes For Drone No-fly Zone Mistake

Kono apologizes for drone no-fly zone mistake

Japan's Defense Minister Taro Kono has apologized for a series of mistakes in data compiled by his ministry, including one related to designating no-fly zones for drones.

The ministry said on Thursday that it corrected mistakes in data on 12 of 13 facilities it designated in June as no-fly zones for drones. Some of the mistakes involved identifying private land as SDF property.

Kono: Iran's Involvement Unconfirmed

Kono: Iran's involvement unconfirmed

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono says Japan has been working with other countries in analyzing information about the attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities.

Kono told reporters on Wednesday that Iran-backed Houthi insurgents in Yemen have claimed responsibility for the attack, but the claim has been inconclusive. He said Iran's involvement has not been confirmed as well.

Kono Urges Dialogue To End Hong Kong Protests

Kono urges dialogue to end Hong Kong protests

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has urged parties involved in the Hong Kong protests to exercise restraint and resolve their differences peacefully through dialogue.

It's been three months since massive demonstrations began in Hong Kong to protest a bill that would enable suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial.

Kono Meets Head Of Iranian Lawmakers' Group

Kono meets head of Iranian lawmakers' group

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and an Iranian lawmaker promoting ties with Japan have agreed that the two countries will cooperate to ease tensions in the Middle East.

Kono met with Asadollah Abbasi, head of the Iran-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Group, in Tokyo on Monday. The meeting comes at a time of hostilities between Iran and the United States.

Kono Protests S.korea Decision To Exit Intel Pact

Kono protests S.Korea decision to exit intel pact

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono has summoned South Korea's ambassador and lodged a protest at Seoul's decision to end an intelligence-sharing agreement between the two countries.

Kono met South Korea's Ambassador Nam Gwan-pyo on Thursday after Seoul made the decision earlier in the day.

Fm Kono Visits South Pacific Island Nations

FM Kono visits South Pacific island nations

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono is aiming to boost maritime security cooperation during a tour of four South Pacific island nations.

Kono is the first Japanese foreign minister to visit the region in 32 years. He will travel to the Marshall Islands on Thursday.

Kono Dismisses S.korea Criticism Over Delisting

Kono dismisses S.Korea criticism over delisting

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has dismissed South Korea's criticism of Japan's decision to strip the country of its preferential trade status.

Kono spoke to reporters on Saturday in Thailand where he met with the foreign ministers of five Southeast Asian nations along the Mekong River to discuss environment and infrastructure issues.

Kono: Us Concerned About Impact Of Export Controls

Kono: US concerned about impact of export controls

The Japanese foreign minister says his US counterpart has raised concerns about the escalating row over export controls between Japan and South Korea.

Taro Kono spoke to reporters after a three-way meeting with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha.

Kono: S.korea Should Resolve Wartime Labor Issues

Kono: S.Korea should resolve wartime labor issues

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has reiterated his call for South Korea to quickly correct the current situation on wartime labor issues.

Kono spoke to reporters in Thailand on Thursday after he met his South Korean counterpart Kang Kyung-wha earlier in the day.

Kono, Pompeo Discuss N.korea's Projectiles

Kono, Pompeo discuss N.Korea's projectiles

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have reaffirmed the close cooperation between their countries following North Korea's firing of projectiles.

Kono and Pompeo talked for about 30 minutes over the phone on Friday, the day after North Korea fired two projectiles into the Sea of Japan. The South Korean government says they were a new type of short-range ballistic missile.

Kono: Tokyo May Act If Mitsubishi Suffers Damage

Kono: Tokyo may act if Mitsubishi suffers damage

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono says the country must take a step in case a Japanese company suffers damage from a move by South Korean plaintiffs. Kono says the government is strongly asking Seoul to respond to prevent such a situation.

Kono was speaking to reporters on Tuesday after South Korean plaintiffs seeking damages for wartime labor announced that they will soon begin court procedures to sell assets from Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Fm Kono Welcomes Trump-kim Summit

FM Kono welcomes Trump-Kim summit

Japan's Foreign Minister Taro Kono says he supports the proposed resumption of negotiations between the United States and North Korea.

Kono spoke with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by phone on Sunday after the third meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.