Kyocera Announces Rugged Torque, Its First Phone For Europe

Kyocera announces rugged Torque, its first phone for EuropeIt looks as though the folks over at Kyocera are working to test out the European market – which means concentrating on a different continent from that of North America. In fact, we have received word that Kyocera intends to roll out its Kyocera Torque handset over in Germany and France, targeting those who are involved in the business world – and this is set to happen in the coming weeks.

Au Kyocera Infobar A03 4.5-inch Full Hd Display Smartphone

au Kyocera INFOBAR A03 4.5-inch full HD display smartphoneau is going to release new smartphone model INFOBAR A03, manufactured by Kyocera, in mid-February.
INFOBAR A03 is made of a curvy aluminum body, 4.5-inch full HD IGZO display (1920x1080), MSM8974AB 2.3GHz (Quad-core), 13MP CMOS camera, 16GB storage, 2GB memory, IPX5/8 waterproof, IP5X dustproof, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, GOS, microSDXC (up to 128GB), 2,020mAh battery.

Au Kyocera Miraie Kyl23 Kids Smartphone

au Kyocera miraie KYL23 Kids smartphoneau's new Android 4.4 kids smartphone model - miraie KYL23 - politely warns kids not to send derogatory words in a message.
miraie KYL23 is made for kids in the 3rd to 6th grade age group by Kyocera, and will be released for sale in late January.

Kyocera Touch Panels 4-wire Resistive

Kyocera Touch Panels 4-Wire ResistiveThe touch panels are used in conjunction with LCDs. The cover glass and sensor are integrated to yield a thin, lightweight display with a clear screen and superior light transmission. Please ask for our new On Cell Touch technology.

Kyocera To Set Up 13mw Floating Solar Plant Using Dam

Kyocera to Set Up 13MW Floating Solar Plant Using DamThe enterprise department of the government of Chiba Prefecture announced Nov 28, 2014, that it has selected Kyocera TCL Solar LLC (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) as a power producer for a floating solar power plant to be installed on the water surface of the Yamakura dam in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Ceatec 2014 : Kyocera Floating Solar Farm

CEATEC 2014 : Kyocera Floating Solar FarmWith close to 70% of the world’s surface being water, leaving around 30% of land for nearly 7 billion people to live on, it is starting to look like a very viable idea when it comes to working on a solar farm project – that is set up on a body of water, instead of on land.

Ceatec 2014 : Kyocera Sympathy Bluetooth Headset

CEATEC 2014 : Kyocera Sympathy Bluetooth Headset What number of you out there really make utilization of a Bluetooth headset? While there are some which are greatly overall intended to look as if they are space age, the extent that I can review, none of them really look truly thin and thin as far as their outline. Kyocera expects to change that, to say the very least, with their Kyocera Sympathy. What makes the Kyocera Sympathy so not the same as the majority of alternate models out there that are in the business sector?

Ceatec 2014 : Kyocera Proteus Bendable Device

CEATEC 2014 : Kyocera Proteus bendable deviceI am certain that most individuals do have affectionate memories of Gumby, the adorable and greatly bendable character that engaged kids and also folks. Having said that, while screens have begun to gimmick a more elevated amount of determination and also pixel thickness, what is the following best thing to development the business instead of business as usual? When its all said and done, there are just such a large number of pixels that you can pack inside before your eyes can no more see what matters, and Kyocera has made strides which may prompt a bendable gadget future as the Kyocera Proteus.

Ceatec 2014 : Kyocera Bendable Display Concept

CEATEC 2014 : Kyocera Bendable Display Concept Do you feel that the world is constantly vigilant for the following huge thing? In the event that you have replied in the positive, then you would have perceived the patterns where there are more distinctive structure components being presented where cell phones, tablets and smartwatches are uncovered.