Kyoto Arson Suspect Wanted 'many Injuries'

Kyoto arson suspect wanted 'many injuries'

The suspect of the deadly arson attack at the Kyoto Animation studio in July has reportedly told investigators that he targeted a particular studio to cause the maximum amount of injuries.

Shinji Aoba set fire to the studio in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, leaving 36 employees dead and 33 others injured.

Police Questioning Suspect In Kyoto Studio Fire

Police questioning suspect in Kyoto studio fire

NHK has learned that police have begun a bedside interrogation of the suspect in a deadly arson attack that claimed the lives of dozens of people and left the suspect hospitalized with burns to his entire body.

Investigative sources say Shinji Aoba has recovered enough to answer questions about the July fire at Kyoto Animation studio.

Anime Fans Gather At Kyoto Animation Memorial

Anime fans gather at Kyoto Animation memorial

Anime fans from Japan and abroad have gathered in Kyoto to say farewell to 36 employees of Kyoto Animation who died in an arson attack in July. The blaze left 33 other people injured.

The event was held on Sunday with the aim of mourning the anime creators and keeping their hopes alive.

Memorial Held For Kyoto Animation Victims

Memorial held for Kyoto Animation victims

About 500 people from the anime industry and supporters gathered in Kyoto on Saturday to remember the victims of the deadly arson attack on Kyoto Animation studio in July.

Thirty-six people were killed and 33 others injured in the attack.

Photo Ban In Some Kyoto Alleys

Photo ban in some Kyoto alleys

Tourists in Kyoto will no longer be able to take pictures in privately-owned alleys near one of the most photographed spots in the city. Locals say the ban has come after disrespect shown by some visitors.

An association of residents and shop owners in the Gion district imposed the ban on photography in private alleys near Hanamikoji street, effective on Friday.

Kyoto Animation President Says Work Will Continue

Kyoto Animation president says work will continue

The president of Kyoto Animation has held his first news conference since the deadly arson attack on the company's studio three months ago. The incident on July 18 has killed 36 people.

Hideaki Hatta on Friday pledged to continue making quality work with remaining members of the studio.

Motive In Kyoto Animation Attack Still Unknown

Motive in Kyoto Animation attack still unknown

Police say it will take more time yet to know the motive behind the arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio, as the suspect is still hospitalized. Friday marks three months since the deadly attack.

The attack occurred in Kyoto City on July 18. It left 36 people dead and 33 wounded. Four remain hospitalized.

Wednesday Marks 2 Months Since Kyoto Arson Attack

Wednesday marks 2 months since Kyoto arson attack

Wednesday marks two months since dozens of people were killed in an arson attack on an animation studio in Kyoto. Police say it will likely be several months before they arrest the suspect, who's hospitalized with severe burns.

The attack on the Kyoto Animation studio on July 18 left 35 people dead and 34 injured. Police have obtained an arrest warrant for Shinji Aoba on suspicion of arson and murder, among other charges.

Kyoto Animation Releases First Film After Attack

Kyoto Animation releases first film after attack

The Japanese animation production company Kyoto Animation has released its first new film since a deadly arson attack at one of its studios in July that killed 35 of its employees.

The film was released nationwide on Friday. At a movie theater in Kyoto City, many fans came to see it.

Altar For Kyoto Arson Victims To Be Removed

Altar for Kyoto arson victims to be removed

Many people are visiting the site of last month's arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio on Sunday, ahead of the removal of an altar.

Mourners are visiting the altar to pray for the dead and injured, as well as leave flowers and other offerings.

Names Of 10 Of Kyoto Animation Victims Released

Names of 10 of Kyoto Animation victims released

The Kyoto Prefectural Police Headquarters have released the names of ten of the 35 victims who died in the arson attack on a Kyoto Animation studio last month.

Police investigators have identified all the victims of the July 18 attack, but the headquarters had withheld the information until now.

Traditional Entertainers In Kyoto Thank Supporters

Traditional entertainers in Kyoto thank supporters

Traditional Japanese female entertainers have made an annual excursion through the streets of Kyoto to thank people for their support.

The entertainers known as maiko and geiko, made their way around the city's Gion district on Thursday. They visited their teachers of dance and music, as well as the owners of "ochaya" facilities, where they entertain customers.

Kyoto Animation To Release New Film

Kyoto Animation to release new film

Not even a devastating arson attack has prevented Kyoto Animation from delivering entertainment to its fans. Studio officials say they will release a new film in September. It will be their first movie since the deliberately set fire on July 18 sent shock waves around the world.

The film is titled "Violet Evergarden Side-Story: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll". The story revolves around a young woman who is an ex-soldier. She learns about love and acquires emotions by writing letters for others.

Kyoto Temple Adorned With Wind Chimes

Kyoto temple adorned with wind chimes

Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto is adorned with hundreds of wind chimes in an annual summer event, and visitors can listen to their sound and feel some relief from the summer heat.

Traditional Nambu ironware wind chimes are produced in Iwate, one of the hardest hit prefectures in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan.