Emperor Emeritus, Empress Emerita Visit Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus, Empress Emerita visit Kyoto

Emperor Emeritus Akihito is now in Kyoto with Empress Emerita Michiko to visit the mausoleums of his ancestors and report his abdication.

The Imperial couple arrived at Kyoto Station on Tuesday afternoon. They waved to the many people who had gathered in front of the station to welcome them.

Kyoto Univ. To Set Up Cancer Immunotherapy Center

Kyoto Univ. to set up cancer immunotherapy center

NHK has learned that Japan's Kyoto University plans to set up a research center for cancer immunotherapy to be headed by Nobel laureate Tasuku Honjo.

Honjo, a distinguished professor at Kyoto University, jointly received last year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of a cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation.

Kyoto Warns Tourists After Monkey Attacks

Kyoto warns tourists after monkey attacks

Kyoto officials have issued warnings to tourists after a series of monkey attacks on visitors at popular sites.

A female tourist in her 60s had her leg bitten by a monkey at the Chion-in temple in Kyoto on Wednesday.

Kyoto Temple Altar Cloth Made From Kimono Of Hideyoshi's Wife

Kyoto temple altar cloth made from kimono of Hideyoshi's wife

KYOTO--An elegant cloth used to decorate a Buddhist altar at Kodaiji temple here turns out to have been refashioned from a kimono belonging to the wife of warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

A description on the back of the "uchishiki" cloth stated that Hideyoshi's wife, Nene (1549-1624), donated it to Kodaiji in July 1607. Nene commissioned the temple the previous year.

Imperial Couple Enjoy Cherry Blossoms In Kyoto

Imperial couple enjoy cherry blossoms in Kyoto

Japan's Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko have enjoyed viewing cherry blossoms at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden in the ancient capital of Kyoto in western Japan.

The couple is now in Kyoto to attend ceremonies leading up to the Emperor's abdication on April 30.

Nuclear Disarmament Meeting In Kyoto

Nuclear disarmament meeting in Kyoto

International experts have discussed nuclear disarmament at a meeting held in Kyoto.

Japan's foreign ministry started the meeting two years ago with the aim of overcoming differences between countries that possess nuclear weapons and those that do not, and find ways to achieve nuclear disarmament.

Android Buddhist Deity To Start Preaching At Kyoto Temple

Android Buddhist Deity To Start Preaching At Kyoto Temple

A famed temple built in Japan’s cultural capital of Kyoto by the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a warlord from the 16th century who unified Japan, to commemorate her husband will now have an Android deity preaching to the public. The Android Kannon, with its hands clasped together, adds a touch of modernity to the historical temple.

The Android Kannon is a Buddhist deity of mercy and it was unveiled to the media earlier this month at the Kodaiji temple. It will officially start preaching to the public next month.

Hyde's Pv For 'zipang' Set At Toji Temple In Kyoto

HYDE's PV for 'ZIPANG' set at Toji Temple in Kyoto

The PV for HYDE's new song "ZIPANG" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

This is the title track to HYDE's latest single released on February 6. It's a ballad song in which YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) participates on piano. The PV was shot at Kyoto's Toji Temple, which is registered as a World Heritage Site. The Limited Edition B DVD will contain this PV as well as a documentary footage.

Bean-throwing Ritual Held At Kyoto Shrine

Bean-throwing ritual held at Kyoto shrine

Geisha apprentices, called "maikos," have gathered at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto to take part in a traditional bean-throwing ritual.

The annual event took place on Saturday, on the eve of Setsubun. In the Japanese calendar, Setsubun is the day before the beginning of spring.

Night Viewing Of Cherry Blossoms In Kyoto Returns After 3 Years

Night viewing of cherry blossoms in Kyoto returns after 3 years

KYOTO--Due to popular demand, a night-time cherry blossom viewing event will return along the Shirakawa river in the city's Gion-Shinbashi district in Higashiyama Ward for the first time in three years.

The event to light up cherry blossoms was canceled after spring 2016 due to safety concerns following a rapid increase in the number of visitors.

Urasenke Head Serves Year's First Tea In Kyoto

Urasenke head serves year's first tea in Kyoto

The head of a major school of the Japanese tea ceremony has served the first tea of 2019.

The grand master of the Urasenke school, Sen Soshitsu, hosted the New Year event at a tea house in the ancient capital of Kyoto on Monday.

New Year's Calligraphy Event At Kyoto Shrine

New Year's calligraphy event at Kyoto shrine

A New Year's calligraphy event has started at a shrine in the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto.

The Kitano-Tenmangu shrine hosts the event every year. The shrine is dedicated to the 9th-century scholar Sugawara Michizane, who is said to have been a master of calligraphy.

Nishiki Food Market In Kyoto Crowded With Shoppers

Nishiki food market in Kyoto crowded with shoppers

Shoppers preparing for the New Year have been crowding a food market in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto.

There are about 130 stores in the 400-meter-long shopping street of the Nishiki market, which has been known as "the kitchen of Kyoto" since the Edo period.