Time Is Right For 'senmaizuke' Pickle Of Kyoto's Shogoin Turnip

Time is right for 'senmaizuke' pickle of Kyoto's Shogoin turnip

Greengrocer Koji Ueda has been espousing the virtues of "Kyo-yasai," heirloom vegetables of Kyoto, for about 50 years.

He tells customers how the Shogoin turnip, the Kujo green onion, the Kamo eggplant and the mibuna potherb mustard taste and offers tips on the best ways to cook them in front of his store.

Fukada Kyoto's Agency Denies Relationship Reports

Fukada Kyoto's agency denies relationship reports

Some sports papers recently reported that actress Fukada Kyoko (36) is in a relationship with the president of a real estate company. In an ORICON NEWS interview, her agency denied the reports stating, "They have gone out for meals together, but there is nothing more.

According to reports, Fukada and Syla Holdings president Sugimoto Hiroyuki (41) have been dating for about two months and went to visit each other's families during the New Year holidays. 

Computerized Sakura In Full Sprout At Kyoto's Nijo Castle

Digital sakura in full blossom at Kyoto's Nijo Castle

KYOTO- - "Sakura" in full bloom are as of now pulling in guests to Nijo Castle here, because of a projection mapping show.

Cherry bloom roused advanced images are being anticipated on to the UNESCO World Heritage site's Karamon entryway, which is assigned as an essential social property. The advanced images demonstrate the cherry blooms in full sprout and petals blowing about beautifully.

Kyoto's Flowering Backstreets Are Blooming Good

Kyoto's flowering backstreets are blooming goodKyoto's famous array of back alleys are more interesting than your regular botanical garden, trumpets a new book.
Unlike most other Japanese cities, Kyoto is packed with narrow streets that are not paved with asphalt, enabling unique ecosystems to freely develop over many decades.

Rare Color Images Of Kyoto's Gion Festival Digitized For Research

Rare color images of Kyoto's Gion Festival digitized for researchResearchers have digitized 242 rare color images depicting the original form of Kyoto’s historic Gion Festival.
The color reversal slides were taken from 1960 to 1963 by researchers from the Doshisha University Institute for Study of Humanities and Social Sciences who were studying the festival, which became an annual event during the Heian Period (784-1185).

Kyoto's Traditional 'obijime' Silk Cords Make Smooth Transition

Kyoto's traditional 'obijime' silk cords make smooth transitionWith its products going out of style and its future in doubt, a braiding studio here stuck with tradition--but added a twist.
Shoen Kumihimo, a “kumihimo” braiding studio that began business in 1948, now designs funky, hip and modern “obijime,” a decorative sash that accentuates the style of kimono. The company has also expanded to build an accessory brand reminiscent of the crafts and activities enjoyed by young girls.