Biodiesel Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Ready For Dakar 2014

Biodiesel Toyota Land Cruiser 200 ready for Dakar 2014A Toyota subsidiary is preparing to enter a Toyota Land Cruiser for a very long off-road ride while emitting 60 percent less carbon dioxide than its regular diesel competitors. Toyota Auto Body Co. has enrolled a team into the 2014 Dakar Rally that will race a biodiesel-fueled Land Cruiser 200 with fuel made from used cooking oil.

2mw Solar Power Plant Built On Former Farm Land

2MW Solar Power Plant Built on Former Farm LandOrix Corp held a ceremony to celebrate the completion of a mega-solar (large-scale solar) power plant that has an output power of about 2MW and was being constructed in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, Oct 21, 2013.

Toyota Updates Land Cruiser Prado With New Face

Toyota Unveils Facelifted Landcruiser PradoThe new Land Cruiser Prado from Toyota underwent minor changes, and went on sale on September 10.
The current Land Cruiser Prado made its debut in September 2009, marking the first real changes that it will have experienced in the three years since then.

Video Update : Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Intro

Toyota Unveils Facelifted Landcruiser PradoWith over 60 years of off-road heritage, the Land Cruiser has become an icon in the 4WD market. Its unrivalled off-road performance and durability have earned it a rock-solid reputation as one of the world's toughest and most reliable 4x4s. The new Land Cruiser features bolder exterior design, more refined interior and improved off-road features.

Toyota Gives A Sportier Hint To 2014 Land Cruiser With Modellista Edition

Toyota Gives a Sportier Hint to 2014 Land Cruiser with Modellista EditionThe global roll-out of the facelifted 2014 Land Cruiser (Prado or regular wheelbase model) continues with the launch of the tough SUV in its local market of Japan, with Toyota also introducing the Modellista Edition.
Since the cosmetic tweaks and equipment refinements are common for all Land Cruiser Prado models, we'll just take a quick look at the new Japanese market Modellista Edition, which was created by Toyota's in-house tuning firm.

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Is The Luxurious Descendant Of A Proud 50-year Off-road Heritage

Toyota Land CruiserA constant in Toyota’s U.S. model lineup for more than 50 years, the Land Cruiser has evolved from a simple off-road utility vehicle into a premium-luxury, full-capability SUV with seating for up to eight and advanced chassis systems. A rare combination of power, room, towing capacity and Toyota reliability explain the Land Cruiser’s extremely loyal following.

2013 Frankfurt Auto Show : 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Facelift Preview

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Facelift: This Is Really ItIn production since 1951, the Land Cruiser is the longest running nameplate in Toyota's history and one of the most popular and capable (upper-class) 4x4s in the market. Following the release of the refreshed and slightly more luxurious North American cousin of the Land Cruiser Prado, the 2014 Lexus GX, on Friday, it’s time for Toyota to do the same for its model.

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Facelift: This Is Really It

2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Facelift: This Is Really ItThe other night, we were tipped off about a pair of photos depicting the redesigned 2014 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Today, we'll not only confirm the legitimacy of those images, but we'll also share with you a full set of official videos of the facelifted SUV along with a batch of screenshots for those of you who dislike pressing pause buttons.