Celebrities Bid Farewell To Late Johnny Kitagawa

Celebrities bid farewell to late Johnny Kitagawa

Japanese celebrity performers bid farewell to the late Johnny Kitagawa, the man who helped to launch the careers of a number of male pop idols.

Kitagawa founded the talent agency Johnny & Associates in 1962. The agency produced SMAP, Arashi and many other popular groups.

Exhibition Dedicated To Late Scholar Donald Keene

Exhibition dedicated to late scholar Donald Keene

An exhibition highlighting the life and achievements of the late scholar of Japanese literature, Donald Keene, is underway at a museum in Kashiwazaki City, central Japan. Keene died in February.

Keene revived a traditional puppet theatrical performance set in the city to give encouragement to survivors of the major earthquake that hit the city and surrounding areas in 2007. It was the first time in about 300 years that the performance had been staged.

Xperia 1 Hits Pre-order In Uk For £849; Available Late-may

Xperia 1 hits pre-order in UK for £849; available late-May

The Sony Xperia 1 has caused a big splash, but fans have been resigned for a long wait before they can get hands-on. Sony only gave a vague ‘late spring' release window, but it looks like we're getting a better idea on timing. UK retailer Clove has listed the Xperia 1 up for pre-order at a price point of £849. Clove is expecting first shipments to arrive in late May 2019. This means there is still close to a three-month wait unfortunately.

Ohtani May Start Throwing Practice In Late March

Ohtani may start throwing practice in late March

Major League Baseball star Shohei Ohtani says he may start throwing the ball in late March if his rehabilitation goes as planned.

The two-way player for the Los Angeles Angels spoke to reporters on Wednesday in Arizona, where his team is in preseason training.

There There Theres To Disband In Late-february

THERE THERE THERES to disband in late-February

It's been announced that THERE THERE THERES will disband in late-February.

On the band, director Tanaka Koji commented, "Everyone is a hard worker, and I loved watching them on stage," and on their disbandment, he said, "Please resent Tanaka for being unable to skillfully coordinate the unique members." According to Tanaka, since the group first formed, "They were unable to make compromises even though they liked each other." After talking it over multiple times, they decided to move on rather than coming to a standstill over and over again. 

Core Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch Moved To 'late 2019'

Core Pokemon Game For Nintendo Switch Moved To 'Late 2019'

Earlier this year around the time E3 2018 was about to kick off, Nintendo made some announcements of their own where they confirmed that they would be launching a new core Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch. The game was initially pegged for the second half of 2019, but now it looks like it could be delayed ever so slightly.

By saying the second half of 2019, basically we're looking at anywhere between July to December, and we're sure that many are hoping it will be July. However now that it has been pushed to late 2019, it means that we're looking at anywhere between October to December. This "delay" was confirmed by Nintendo themselves in their launch schedule which now pegs the game's release for late 2019.

Player: Coaches Ordered Late Hit

Player: Coaches ordered late hit

A college American football player says the team's coaching staff ordered him to carry out a controversial late tackle that sent his opponent to the hospital.

Many Japanese were glued to their televisions as the Nihon University defender apologized to the Kwansei Gakuin quarterback who he injured.

Tv Tokyo Leads The Pack In Late-night Dramas

TV Tokyo leads the pack in late-night dramas

By Makoto Hoshino / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterLate-night dramas serve as a platform for broadcasters to test out up-and-coming actors and innovative ideas. While each TV station presents an ambitious lineup of dramas aired after midnight, TV Tokyo stands out in recent years in terms of quality.

In April, the broadcaster, which created a buzz with such dramas as "Moteki" (Love Strikes!) and the "Yusha Yoshihiko" (The hero Yoshihiko) series, increased the number of times to broadcast late-night dramas to four time slots per week.

Disaster-hit Fukuoka Pref. Man Caring For Dog Adopted By His Late Wife

Disaster-hit Fukuoka Pref. man caring for dog adopted by his late wife

ASAKURA, Fukuoka -- A man struggling with the loss of his wife, an animal-lover, to flooding caused by torrential rainfall here has taken up the task of caring for a dog that she adopted.

"There's nothing I can really say. She loved animals," said 69-year-old Shigemi Kojima, who had lived with his 69-year-old wife Hatsuko in Asakura's Haki district. The dog was adopted by Hatsuko when she found him abandoned while on a walk, and she and her daughter named him "Gonta," Kojima recalled while petting the beloved canine.

Japan’s Rally Too Late To Beat Fiji

Japan’s rally too late to beat FijiLevani Botia scored two tries as Fiji beat Japan 38-25 to end its European tour with a win and kept their Asian rival out of the world top 10.
Fiji coach John McKee said the Pacific nation’s Olympic sevens title had given them new confidence in their ability as they head toward the 2019 World Cup campaign.

Former Sony Exec Thinks The Ps Vita Arrived On The Market ‘too Late’

Former Sony Exec Thinks The PS Vita Arrived On The Market ‘Too Late’When it comes to handheld consoles, Nintendo’s DS/3DS lineup has been pretty successful. Now Sony has attempted to steal some market share with their PS Vita, but unfortunately it didn’t quite capture the market in the same way. In fact last year Sony said that there weren’t plans for a successor, and earlier this year there were rumors that it could have been discontinued.