Sony Launches Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkman

Sony Launches Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkman

Kingdom Hearts fans have had a very long wait for the latest title in the franchise and as they now rejoice, Sony is celebrating that achievement with a limited edition Series A Walkman. Those of you who have been around long enough know that the Walkman isn’t a new product. It’s actually one of Sony’s most iconic cassette players and was first released in 1979. This particular one doesn’t require cassettes, though, it can hold plenty of songs in its 16GB of internal storage.

The limited edition NW-A55 Series A Sony Walkman is a digital model with a unique Kingdom Hearts 3 design. The game’s main protagonist Sora is featured front and center in this design. Sony isn’t just coming out with a limited edition Walkman to celebrate the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Ariyasu Momoka Resumes Her Activities + Launches Independent Agency

Ariyasu Momoka resumes her activities + launches independent agency

On January 15, former Momoiro Clover Z member Ariyasu Momoka updated her Twitter account announcing that she has launched an independent agency and will be resuming her activities. 

It's almost been a year since Ariyasu graduated from Momoclo. In a handwritten message, she declared, "I, Ariyasu Momoka, will be starting my activities to convey my expressions through music and photography."

Nikon Launches A 14-30mm F/4 Lens For The Nikon Z Cameras

Nikon Launches A 14-30mm F/4 Lens For the Nikon Z Cameras

It was last year that Nikon announced the launch of their new Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless cameras, the company’s “serious” attempt at trying their hand at mirrorless cameras. However as is the case with new mounts and cameras, the availability of lenses are limited, but Nikon is hoping to make up for it.

The company has announced their latest Z-mount lens in the form of the 14-30mm f/4 S zoom lens. GIven that the widest is at 14mm, this could easily double up as a wide-angle lens, plus the f/4 aperture does make it pretty ideal for landscape photography. Its max zoom of 30mm also could potentially make it a pretty good distance for street photography, although at f/4 some might find it a bit slow, plus the bokeh at f/4 isn’t particularly ideal for portraits.

Former Nogizaka46 Member Wakatsuki Yumi Launches Instagram Account

Former Nogizaka46 member Wakatsuki Yumi launches Instagram account

Wakatsuki Yumi, who just graduated from Nogizaka46 this month, has launched an Instagram account (@yumi_wakatsuki_official).

In her post, she uploaded a photo of herself eating cake with her eyes closed, and wrote in hashtags, "Thanks for waiting. What, you weren't waiting? Wakatsuki Yumi graduates and looks to the future." She then revealed in her second post that she started Instagram because she wants to notify her fans of her work. 

Sony Launches Black Ops 4 Bundle To Celebrate Ps4's Fifth Anniversary

Sony Launches Black Ops 4 Bundle To Celebrate PS4's Fifth Anniversary

Time really does fly. It has been five years since the PlayStation 4 was released. It’s one of the most successful consoles that Sony has ever made. It has sold more than 86.1 million hardware units in these past five years. The company has launched a new Black Ops 4 bundle to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its gaming juggernaut.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 PS4 bundle has been launched by Sony to celebrate this occasion. Don’t expect any cosmetic changes for the console in this bundle. It looks like any other PlayStation 4 console would. It comes in the most common PlayStation 4 color that’s a favorite of the PlayStation faithful as well.

Cloudflare Launches Its Dns Service On Ios & Android

Cloudflare Launches Its DNS Service On iOS & Android

In some countries, certain websites are blocked for various reasons. However an easy way to bypass these restrictions would be to change your DNS, and Google’s DNS is one of the free options out there. Now earlier this year Cloudflare launched their own resolver that anyone can use for free, and now it looks like that DNS resolver has since been turned into an app.

Dubbed, the app doesn’t do anything different if you were to change your DNS manually. However given that changing your DNS isn’t exactly something that everyone knows how to do, the app simplifies the entire process by basically turning it into a toggle where you can choose to turn it on or off.

Hiroshima Launches 'peace Tourism' Campaign

Hiroshima launches 'Peace Tourism' campaign

The city of Hiroshima has launched a new tourism campaign designed to encourage visitors to stay longer and explore its atomic bomb heritage.

The Hiroshima Peace Tourism guide map, launched on Monday, aims to help tourists understand the history of the city and the devastation of the 1945 bombing.

Japan Launches Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite

Japan launches greenhouse gas observing satellite

Japan has launched a new satellite to observe greenhouse gases. Ibuki-2, also known as GOSAT-2, will survey carbon dioxide and other global warming gases with greater precision than its predecessor.

An H2A rocket carrying the satellite lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, at 1:08 PM on Monday.

Diablo 3 Launches On Nintendo Switch November 2, 2018

Diablo 3 Launches On Nintendo Switch November 2, 2018

When Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch was officially announced, Blizzard did not mention when the game would be released, only that it would be released later this year. For those who are looking forward to its release, you’ll be pleased to learn that you won’t have to wait much longer because the game has been set for a release on the 2nd of November.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Launches September 18

Nintendo Switch Online Service Launches September 18

Nintendo had previously confirmed that its Switch Online service would be launching in September. However the company did not mention when exactly it would launch in September, but now it seems like we have a date to look forward to as Nintendo has confirmed that the service will officially kick off on the 18th of September.