Nissan To Use Recycled Leaf Batteries To Power Street Lights

Nissan To Use Recycled Leaf Batteries To Power Street Lights

The idea of electric cars is that they're meant to help reduce our carbon footprint in the world. However there are some questions, such as what do companies do with the used batteries after they've done? Do they simply throw them away? While different companies probably have different approaches, Nissan has an idea: use them to power street lights.

In a program dubbed "The Reborn Light", this sees Nissan take recycled Nissan Leaf batteries and use them to power street lights. This will involve the use of a solar panel that will be used to charge the batteries so that at night, the batteries can then be used to provide lights on the street for both pedestrians and traffic.

Nissan Lights Up A Tsunami-damaged Town With Used Leaf Batteries

Nissan lights up a tsunami-damaged town with used Leaf batteries

One thing about electric cars is that at some point they will become old electric cars. And old electric cars have old batteries, which are a terrible thing to waste – no matter if they're in a car that has reached the end of its useable life, the batteries might still serve a purpose, or they can be recommissioned.

The first generation of the Nissan Leaf was introduced in 2010, meaning that the batteries in the oldest Leafs (Leaves?) can now be ripe for picking. Together with the 4R Energy Corporation in Japan, Nissan has started a project that will provide the Japanese town of Namie with lighting, using solar panels and used Leaf batteries. Namie was significantly damaged by the tsunami that caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011, and these streetlights are part of the town's ongoing rebuilding efforts.

2018 Nissan Leaf Faces Much Stiffer Competition Than Its Predecessor, But Then Again, It Promises To Be Better All Around

2018 Nissan Leaf faces much stiffer competition than its predecessor, but then again, it promises to be better all aroundThe 2018 Nissan Leaf faces much stiffer competition than its predecessor, but then again, it promises to be better all around.

From the new exterior design to the significantly updated cabin, the zero-emission hatchback might very well be the one that could convince a number of people to spend their money on an EV, WhatCar notes in their review.

2018 Nissan Leaf Configurator Launched

2018 Nissan Leaf configurator launchedThe second generation of the Nissan Leaf is already on sale in some markets, including the United States, where the brand’s local arm has launched an  online configurator.

Available here, it allows users to select between one of three trim levels, called S, SV, and SL, with slightly different equipment between them, but still sharing the same electric motor, battery pack, horsepower and range.

Nissan Claims Its Leaf Ev Pre-orders Are Over 13,000

Nissan Claims Its Leaf EV Pre-Orders Are Over 13,000These days electric cars and vehicles in general are becoming more common, and Nissan's Leaf EV has actually been around for a while now. However it seems that the company's latest Leaf which was unveiled last year could be off to a great start because Nissan has told Engadget that they have received over 13,000 pre-orders of the car to date.

The new Nissan Leaf is said to feature a new extended range of up to 150 miles on a single charge, with a price point starting at $30,000 before tax credit, which makes it a whole sight cheaper than some of the alternatives out there, such as Tesla's electric cars. The fact that it can be pre-ordered and delivered within 2018 also makes it an attractive option for customers who'd rather not wait a couple of years before their car is available to them.

New Nissan Leaf Owners In Japan Offered Free Installation Of Solar Panels For Their Homes

New Nissan LEAF owners in Japan offered free installation of solar panels for their homes - FareastgizmosOwners of the new Nissan LEAF in Japan are offered free installation of solar panels for their homes if they sign up for an electricity retail plan offered by Ecosystem Japan. The offer is part of a joint campaign by Nissan and Ecosystem Japan. It aims to promote the use of clean energy to power the 100% electric Nissan LEAF. Unveiled in September 2017, the new, zero-emission Nissan LEAF offers powerful acceleration, agile handling and advanced technologies such as Nissan's ProPILOT autonomous driving technology.

New Nissan Leaf Starts From £21,990 In The Uk

New Nissan Leaf Starts From £21,990 In The UK

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, which was the world's best-selling EV, the new generation Nissan Leaf is now available to order across Britain, with deliveries starting in February.

Pricing stretches between £21,990 ($29,691) and £27,490 ($37,117), for the entry-level Visia and top-of-the-line Tekna, respectively, and it includes the £4,500 ($6,076) Government Grant.

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring Concept To Debut At 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

Nissan Leaf Grand Touring Concept to debut at 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

When we met the 0 Nissan Leaf EV at the automaker's design center in Japan, designers told us there would be other iterations coming in the future. We've already seen one, when Nissan revealed the Leaf Nismo concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now, that car will be joined by another electric concept car — the Leaf Grand Touring — at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon on Jan. 12.

That's not all, though. Nissan will have a total of 15 custom cars at the show, which is essentially the SEMA of Japan. Among those will be three version of the Nissan Note e-Power series hybrid, including an Autech (Nissan's sub-brand) concept, C-Gear version and a Nismo version with performance parts.

Nissan Kicks Off Leaf Production In Europe, First Deliveries In February

Nissan Kicks Off Leaf Production In Europe, First Deliveries In February

The all-new Nissan Leaf has officially gone into production at the automaker's plant in Sunderland, UK, as the first European customers will be receiving their cars in February 2018.

Nissan has been building the Leaf nameplate in the UK since 2013, selling over 85,000 units on the Old Continent, including those built at the Oppama plant in Japan, since 2011.

Comparison Chart Shows How Far The Nissan Leaf Has Come

Comparison Chart Shows How Far The Nissan Leaf Has Come

While the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf hasn't entered the U.S. market yet, future buyers can look forward to purchasing a car that's significantly improved compared to its predecessor.

Even though it featured a familiar 5-door hatchback appearance, the design was of the fist-generation Leaf was quirky, to say the least - but that was probably intentional on Nissan's part in order to emphasize that this wasn't a conventional hatch but an all-electric model.