Toshiba Announces Cylindrical Led Light Bulbs

Toshiba Announces Cylindrical LED Light BulbsToshiba Lighting & Technology Corp announced two (daylight- and incandescent-color) cylindrical (T-type) LED light bulbs in the "E-core" series.

The brightnesses of the daylight- and incandescent-color products are 600 and 485lm, respectively, which are equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent light bulb. Their rated power consumption is 7.4W. This is the first time that the company has announced to release a T-type LED light bulb.

Led Lighting System With Built-in Wifi Module For Adjustment Via The Internet

LED lighting system with built-in WiFi module for adjustment via the InternetNetLED, which will be released in Japan in early February, is the world's first LED lighting system that can be controlled via the internet.

By using a smartphone or PC, the lights can be switched on or off individually and the brightness can also be adjusted. The ability to remotely control power consumption is expected to make LED lighting even more energy efficient.

Cree Japan Begins To Ship White Led Product Using New Chip

Cree Japan Begins to Ship White LED Product Using New ChipCree Japan, a Japanese unit of Cree Inc, introduced the "XLamp XB-D," a white LED lamp that is smaller and brighter than the company's former product.

The LED lamp was exhibited at the 4th LED/OLED Lighting Technology Expo, which took place from Jan 18 to 20, 2012, in Tokyo. The company realized the small size and higher brightness by employing a newly-developed LED chip.

Tazmo Develops 30lm/w Inorganic Light-emitting Diode Panel

Tazmo Develops 30lm/W Inorganic Light-emitting Diode PanelTazmo Co Ltd, a major LCD panel equipment manufacturer in Japan, developed an inorganic light-emitting diode panel with a luminous efficiency of 30lm/W by using coating process.

Because of its high luminous efficiency, the panel might become a dark horse in the market for flexible surface-emitting lighting devices. Tazmo developed the panel in late 2011 and exhibited it at an exhibition in Tokyo.

Ces 2012 Panasonic Expands And Enhances 2012 Led/lcd Model Line-up

CES 2012 Panasonic Expands and Enhances 2012 LED/LCD Model Line-upPanasonic , the industry and technology leader in High Definition Televisions, introduced an increased 2012 Smart VIERA line-up of LED LCD HDTVs defining the core of a new IPTV lifestyle at the Consumer Electronics Show, confirming Panasonic's commitment to provide the highest quality home entertainment experience and viewing options to the consumer.

Ces 2012 Sony Develops Next-generation Display, "crystal Led Display" Ideal For High Picture Quality On Large Screens

CES 2012 Sony Develops Next-generation Display, "Crystal LED Display" Ideal for High Picture Quality on Large screensSony Corporation ("Sony") today announced that it has developed the next-generation self-emitting display, "Crystal LED Display," and presents a Full HD, 55-inch prototype model at the '2012 International CES' (International Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 10 - 13, 2012). It is the industry's first 55-inch Full HD self-emitting display using LEDs as the light source.

Ces 2012 Sharp Makes Bigger, Better With A New Large-screen Led Tv Line-up, Smart Features And Enhanced Picture Quality

CES 2012 Sharp makes bigger, better with a new large-screen led tv line-up, smart features and enhanced picture qualityIntroducing more than 20 large screen 60-inch plus class TVs, Sharp today announced its new line of AQUOS® LED TVs, featuring picture quality enhancements, advanced smart connectivity and new designs. Serving as its flagship model, Sharp unveiled the first 80-inch (80" diagonal) screen size class Quattron™ 3D LED TV, available in April 2012.

Nec Ex231wp-bk 23'' Led Monitor

NEC EX231Wp-BK 23'' LED monitorIdeal in multi-monitor setups, this model offers intelligent features such as human and ambient light sensors, which sense the user’s absence and ambient lighting conditions, adjusting the monitor’s brightness accordingly. The LED light source optimizes energy efficiency and allows the monitor to consume less power overall, radiate less heat, use less packaging, weigh less, utilize recycled plastics in its production and be free of hazardous materials. The EX231Wp is ideal for financial applications, corporate environments and healthcare facilities.