Yonezu Kenshi's 'lemon' Wins Best Theme Song At Tokyo Drama Award

Yonezu Kenshi's 'Lemon' wins Best Theme Song at Tokyo Drama Award

Yonezu Kenshi's "Lemon" has won the 'Best Theme Song' award at the 'Tokyo Drama Award 2018.' 

The 'Tokyo Drama Award' recognizes excellent dramas that the Japanese want to show the world and have the possibility of doing well overseas. "Lemon" was used as the theme song for the TBS drama 'Unnatural' (January 2018) starring Ishihara Satomi. He accepted a trophy at the award ceremony held on October 25 at Tokyo Prince Hotel. 

Yonezu Kenshi's Pv For 'lemon' Was Filmed At A Church

Yonezu Kenshi's PV for 'Lemon' was filmed at a church

The PV for Yonezu Kenshi's new song "Lemon" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Lemon" was written as the theme song for TBS drama 'Unnatural.' The PV was directed by Yamada Tomokazu, who works with artists such as Sakanaction and Suiyoubi no Campanella. Set at a church, you can see Yonezu singing the song as if he's praying. 

Lemon-grass Fried Rice Brings Memories Of Vietnamese Mom

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