Android P May Not Let Idle Apps Access Your Phone's Camera

Android P May Not Let Idle Apps Access Your Phone’s Camera

The next major Android platform update is currently referred to as “Android P” since the dessert name hasn’t been revealed as yet, Google hasn’t even detailed Android P officially but that could happen in the not too distant future. However, given the open source nature of Android, some hints about the features this version of Android will offer have surfaced. The latest suggests that Android P will improve security by not allowing idle apps to access your device’s camera.

An Android Open Source Project commit has been spotted with the new rule-sets in Android P preventing apps idling in the background from accessing the camera. This will prevent malicious apps running in the background from making use of the camera to capture victims in a compromising position by accessing the camera without their knowledge.

Nintendo Creators Program Won't Let Youtubers Live Stream

Nintendo Creators Program Won't Let YouTubers Live Stream

One of the trends in recent years that has led to the rise in platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming is watching gamers stream their games live. This is great when a new game has been launched and people are curious as to whether or not it might be worth their money, and in addition to reviews and gameplay videos, watching someone play through a game live is another way of determining whether it could be worth your time and money.

Unfortunately it seems that gamers shouldn't expect that for Nintendo games because in an update to the Nintendo Creators Program, YouTubers will no longer be allowed to live stream their games. For those unfamiliar, the Nintendo Creators Program is where Nintendo will allow YouTubers who post videos about their games to earn a portion of ad revenue, whereas prior to that all of the ad revenue for these videos would go straight to Nintendo.

2018 Honda Accord Vs 2018 Toyota Camry: Let The Battle Begin

2018 Honda Accord Vs 2018 Toyota Camry: Let The Battle Begin

When it comes to mid-size sedans, two names are normally at the top of everyone's list: Camry and Accord.

These two models dominate the segment as Toyota sold 388,616 Camry's in the United States last year, while Honda moved 345,225 Accords. As Honda pointed out in its press briefing in New Hampshire, the Accord alone outsells 30 different brands such as Mazda, MINI, and Fiat.

Nissan Leaf's Propilot Technology: We Let The Leaf Do The Work

Nissan Leaf's ProPilot technology: We let the Leaf do the workEarlier this summer, as Nissan was busy readying the 2018 Leaf EV for its grand debut, the automaker invited us out to Japan to get to know the car a little better and take an early crack behind the wheel. Before we headed off on the multitude of simulated roadways throughout Nissan's Tochigi proving grounds, we were able to sample the semi-autonomous ProPilot systems. On the Nissan Leaf, there are two. ProPilot Assist is an adaptive cruise control system combined with lane-keeping assistance. ProPilot Park is a function that parks the Leaf for you.

After Let Call, Nishikori Beats Murray At Open

After let call, Nishikori beats Murray at OpenAndy Murray lost his way, seven consecutive games and, eventually, his riveting five-set U.S. Open quarterfinal against Kei Nishikori after a loud noise from a malfunctioning sound system interrupted a key point, resulting in a do-over.

Is Nissan Ready To Let Go Of Its Battery Company? Maybe

Is Nissan ready to let go of its battery company? MaybeReports started circulating this week that Nissan would sell off its ownership stake in the Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC). The builder of the world's most popular plug-in vehicle (for now) might be looking to sell its share (51 percent) to Panasonic or a Chinese company because it will be cheaper to buy them from someone else (like General Motors does for the Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Volt).

Iwasa Misaki Sings About Her 'first Drink' And Covers 'let It Go' For 4th Single

Iwasa Misaki sings about her 'first drink' and covers 'Let It Go' for 4th singleIwasa Misaki will release her 4th single "Hatsuzake" ("First Drink") on April 29.
This comes about a year and 3 months after she released "Tomonoura Bojou" in January of last year. Like her previous singles, the title track was written by Akimoto Yasushi, and it has the theme of "first drink" as Iwasa celebrated her 20th birthday in January. Regarding the song, Iwasa commented, "This will be my first song after turning 20-years-old, so 'Hatsuzake' is the perfect title! The melody is different from my previous songs, so I think you will be able to experience a new side of me."

Sony Ps4 Firmware 2.50 Will Let You Backup Games To An External Drive

Sony PS4 Firmware 2.50 Will Let You Backup Games To An External DriveSony is working on the next firmware update for PlayStation 4 and while it has not confirmed what features will be included in this update some information has appeared online which gives us a glimpse of what PS4 firmware 2.50 will have to offer. One of the features included in the update is the ability to backup entire games to an external drive. This according to leaked images that have appeared online.

Ces 2015 : No Let Up For Sony In Wearables, With New Smartwear Products, Styles And Partnerships

CES 2015 : No let up for Sony in wearables, with new SmartWear products, styles and partnershipsAt CES 2015 Sony introduced new products, partners and experiences to its evolving SmartWear range – a sleek stainless steel edition of SmartWatch 3, new Lifelog collaborations, and concept wearable devices, including a multi-sensor, waterproof headset prototype, from Sony Corporation, designed for optimising performance and providing real time insight on the running track.