Zte Could Lose Its Android License As Well

ZTE Could Lose Its Android License As Well

ZTE’s smartphone plans have been jeopardized in a major way by the latest ban placed by the United States Department of Commerce. The department has banned companies based in the United States from selling components to ZTE as a result of the Chinese company violating the terms of a sanctions violation case. While this will prevent ZTE from sourcing processors from Qualcomm, it may also lead to the company losing its Android license.

ZTE was initially accused by bypassing U.S. sanctions on Iran back in 2016. Even though it’s a China-based company, ZTE was found to be using multiple shell companies to sell U.S. technology to Iran. ZTE paid $890 million in fines and penalties aside from promising to fire four senior employees and reprimanding 35 others.

Teenagers Make Splendid Use Of Their Poetic License

Teenagers make splendid use of their poetic licenseIt is a privilege to be young. Teenage years are a time to explore and absorb anything that catches one’s interest.
Momoko Oishi, a third-year junior high school student in Chiba Prefecture, penned this refreshing poem: “Time flies amazingly when I read a book/ Some strange force transports me.”

Nissan Leaf With Highly Advanced Driver Assist System Gets First License Plate For Public Road Testing In Japan

Nissan Leaf with Highly Advanced Driver Assist System Gets First License Plate for Public Road Testing in JapanNissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn today took delivery of Japan's first license plate for a car equipped with highly advanced driver assist systems. It clears the way for a Nissan LEAF equipped with the technology to be tested on the public roads in Japan for the first time. The research program will accelerate the development of technologies fundamental to Autonomous Drive. The systems are designed to allow the driver to manually take over control at any time.

Docomo To License Hevc Decoding Software

DOCOMO to License HEVC Decoding SoftwareDocomo , Japan’s leading mobile operator and provider of integrated services centered on mobility, announced today that it will license a software for decoding HEVC, the new international standard for video coding, in March. DOCOMO’s HEVC decoding software is the world’s first of its kind for Full HD playback on smartphones.

Itano Tomomi Wants To Get Her Driver License This Year

Itano Tomomi wants to get her driver license this yearAKB48’s Itano Tomomi attended a new CM press conference for ‘Goo Kantei‘.

For this year’s goal, Itano declared that she will get her driver’s license and her own car. “I will obtain my license, get a Hummer, and be able to drive it,” she said.

The CM will air in the Metropolitan area starting January 17th.