Ghosn Trial Likely To Be Delayed

Ghosn trial likely to be delayed

NHK has learned that the Tokyo district court has changed its initial plan to hold the first hearing for former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn in September.
It is now likely that his trial will start later than that.

Ghosn has been indicted for understating his income on Nissan's securities reports. The company itself has also been indicted for making false financial disclosures.

Next Nissan Gt-r To Likely Feature Hybridization And Autonomous Driving

Next Nissan GT-R to likely feature hybridization and autonomous driving

The first- and second-generation Nissan GT-R sold for four years, from 1969 to 1973. The R32 to R34 generations covered 13 years, from 1989-2002. The current R35 generation, already 12 years into its run, will shuffle its bones perhaps as long as the first five versions combined. A lot's happened in the last dozen years, so we can expect enormous changes from the next GT-R. Top Gear spoke to Philippe Klein, Nissan's chief planning officer, about what's on the cards. A hybrid powertrain isn't surprising, as that's been rumored for years. Autonomous driving - especially autonomous track driving - perks our ears.

Klein told the outlet, "We're defending the sports car," meaning not merely the GT-R and the also-aged Z car, but the segment. The challenges in doing so are constantly documented, all of the primary issues being poison to the usual business case: High development costs, low sales, tighter emissions regulations.

Jaxa: Hayabusa2 Likely Succeeded In Making Crater

JAXA: Hayabusa2 likely succeeded in making crater

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency says it's highly likely that probe Hayabusa2 has succeeded in the world's first mission of creating a crater on an asteroid to study its interior.

The probe released a device called an "impactor" above the asteroid Ryugu shortly before 11 a.m. on Friday, Japan Time.

Joc President Likely To Have To Retire

JOC president likely to have to retire

NHK has learned that the head of the Japanese Olympic Committee will likely have to retire without serving another term as French authorities are investigating him in connection with allegations of corruption.

The JOC is set to choose its new president in biennial internal voting in June.

Russia Likely To Fine Seized Japanese Boat's Crew

Russia likely to fine seized Japanese boat's crew

Russian authorities say they've requested administrative penalties for the skipper of a seized Japanese fishing boat that allegedly operated in Russian waters without permission.

Russian border guard officials said on Tuesday that they had filed the request at a court, alleging that the skipper was not carrying the necessary documents for operating in Russia's exclusive economic zone.

Deadly Poison Likely Sent To 9 Entities By Post

Deadly poison likely sent to 9 entities by post

Japanese police are investigating mail containing what appears to be potassium cyanide sent to a total of nine entities, including pharmaceutical firms.

Envelopes containing white powder and threatening letters were delivered to drug companies in Tokyo and Osaka, a food firm in the northern city of Sapporo, and a Tokyo-based newspaper company on Friday. Investigators say some of the powders have been identified as potassium cyanide.

Takanoiwa Likely To Retire From Sumo

Takanoiwa likely to retire from sumo

Sources say that top-division sumo wrestler Takanoiwa is likely to retire from sumo for his act of violence against an attendant.

Takanoiwa admitted that he committed the violence to a Japan Sumo Association inquiry on Wednesday. The wrestler told the association that he hit the attendant several times with his open hand and with his fist in a hotel room in the city of Yukuhashi in southwestern Japan on Tuesday night. He was staying at the hotel for a regional tour match. Takanoiwa did not take part in the tour after that.

Suga: Missing Journalist Likely Freed

Suga: Missing journalist likely freed

The Japanese government says it's highly likely that freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda has been released by militants in Syria.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a hastily arranged news conference on Tuesday night that the Qatari authorities had informed Japan that Yasuda could be released by the end of the day.

Typhoon Kong-rey Likely Heading For Okinawa

Typhoon Kong-rey likely heading for Okinawa

People in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa are bracing for their second typhoon in under a week. The large Typhoon Kong-rey is packing quite the punch and will come close to the main island of Okinawa from Thursday night to Friday.

The Meteorological Agency says Typhoon Kong-rey is heading north over the sea near the main island of Okinawa.