Pubg Mobile Lite Launched For Low-end Android Devices

PUBG Mobile Lite Launched For Low-End  Android Devices

Games like PUBG and Fortnite can be demanding in terms of hardware requirements due to the battle royale nature of the game which would require the device it’s played on to render a lot of graphics at the same time. This is why Fortnite for Android’s specs have essentially precluded it from lower-end Android phones.

Now just because you can’t afford a high-end smartphone, does that mean you should be punished for it by now being able to use certain apps or play certain games? That’s what publisher Tencent doesn’t want, and have since launched PUBG Mobile Lite. As the name would suggest, this is a “lighter” version of the game that has been designed for lower-end Android smartphones.

Xiaomi Mi A2 And A2 Lite Android One Smartphones Launched

Xiaomi Mi A2 And A2 Lite Android One Smartphones Launched

Xiaomi reportedly had two Android One smartphones in the pipeline and the company today unveiled both of them. The Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are now official. As they are part of the Android One program, the devices will provide a stock Android 8.1 experience. Since many customers prefer a stock Android experience, the company might see considerable interest in these handsets.

They’re the successors to last year’s Mi A1 which itself was based on the Mi 5X that Xiaomi had kept limited to China. It’s a similar story this year as the Mi A2 has specs identical to those of the Mi 6X.

Canon Introduces Macro Twin-lite Mt-26ex-rt

Canon introduces Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT

Rounding out a series of announcements today is the Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT, a dual Speedlite rig for macro photographers. The detachable twin lights can be rotated 60 degrees and provide a maximum guide number of 26m at ISO 100 (the existing MT-24EX is rated to 22m). It supports Canon's radio-based wireless control system in addition to the traditional optical setup. Flash power can be adjusted all the way down to 1/512 and recycle times range from 3.3 seconds in "quick" mode to 5 sec for a full recharge.

The Canon Macro Twin-Lite MT-26EX-RT Flash will be available in November for $990.

Canon Premieres Cinema Eos C200 And C200b 4k Dual Pixel Cameras With Cinema Raw Lite

Canon premieres Cinema EOS C200 and C200B 4K Dual Pixel cameras with Cinema Raw Lite

Canon has premiered the third generation of its Cinema EOS range of professional production video cameras, the EOS C200. The camera will also be sold without an LCD, viewfinder, handle or grip units as the 'C200B'.

The C200s will capture 4K footage in both DCI and UHD aspect ratios, from a 8.85MP Dual Pixel AF Super 35 format (~APS-C) sensor. They can shoot at up to 60/50p.

Toshiba Tz5000 App Lite Starter Kits To Speed The Development Of Web Applications

Toshiba TZ5000 App Lite Starter Kits to speed the development of web applicationsToshiba Electronics Europe announced two starter kits that will speed the development of web applications using the Toshiba TZ5000 Application Processor Lite (ApP Lite) series. By providing various drivers for rich Internet applications using HTML5, the RBTZ5000-2MA-A1 and RBTZ5000-6MA-A1 starter kits enable users to easily introduce embedded development environments – and thus speed time to market – for IoT (Internet of Things), streaming media and other content-rich consumer devices.

Thanko Waterproof Mp3 Player Lite 4gb

Thanko Waterproof MP3 Player LITE 4GBThanko released a totally waterproof MP3 player “Waterproof MP3 Player LITE 4GB”. You can listen to music under water with this product and it’s perfect for using while you surf, swim in the pool, ski, etc.

Roland Cube Lite Guitar Amplifier

Roland Cube Lite Guitar AmplifierCombining great COSM guitar tones, iOS interfacing, and a quality 2.1 Channel audio system, the CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier lets you play and record at home along with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Connect your iOS device to the i-CUBE LINK jack and launch the free CUBE JAM app, then riff along with backing tracks and record your playing to share your music and archive song ideas. With stereo speakers and an integrated subwoofer, you’ll enjoy rich, satisfying sound reproduction for both guitar playing and casual music listening. And with an attractive look that blends with any home décor, the CUBE Lite Guitar Amplifier can occupy a permanent spot in your living space, always at the ready when you want to plug in and jam.

Roland Cube Lite Monitor

Roland CUBE Lite MONITOR  Featuring mic and instrument inputs, iOS interfacing, and a quality 2.1 Channel audio system, the CUBE Lite MONITOR is perfect for enjoying music at home with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Olympus Pen Lite E-pl5 Micro Four Thirds System Camera

OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL5 Micro Four Thirds System CameraOlympus has announced that it will be releasing a new PEN Lite series camera that conforms to the Micro Four Thirds System standard  the OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL5. Designed for people who take pleasure in active photography, this camera will be launched on the beginning of October, 2012.