Honda Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of The Nsx With A Look Back At How It Began

Honda celebrates 30th anniversary of the NSX with a look back at how it began

In 1989, the baseball-loving Japanese dipped their bats in pine tar and came to the U.S. to take gigundous swings. That single year launched five legends: Lexus LS400, Infiniti Q45, Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo, Mazda MX-5 Miata, and Acura NS-X concept. The Chicago Auto Show (!) hosted the global debuts of the Mazda and the Acura. While Mazda celebrates the bygones with the 30th Anniversary Miata, Acura's reminiscing with a look at how the NSX — a car Motor Trend described in 1990 as, "[The] best sports car the world has ever produced. Any time. Any place. Any price ..." — came to be.

The development yearbook opened in 1984, a year after Honda returned to Formula One as an engine supplier for the Spirit team, and for the second Williams chassis in the last race of the season. For the first time in the automaker's history, Honda wanted to build a production car with the engine behind the cabin, one that would demonstrate Honda's engineering prowess and "deeply rooted racing spirit." The sports car would also serve as a halo for the not-yet-launched Acura brand. The engineering team built the first test vehicle in February 1984 on the bones of a first-generation Honda Jazz.

Rescuers Look For Survivors In Rubble And Mud

Rescuers look for survivors in rubble and mud

Rescuers in Hokkaido are digging through rubble and mud in their search for survivors. It's been one day since a powerful earthquake rocked the island and tremors continue. 11 people are dead and 22 remain missing.

Near the quake's epicenter in the town of Atsuma, rescuers have been working around the clock looking for the missing.

Take A Look At Tosaka Hiroomi's Pv For 'full Moon'

Take a look at Tosaka Hiroomi's PV for 'FULL MOON'

Tosaka Hiroomi (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE) has revealed the PV for his song "FULL MOON."

"FULL MOON" is the title track to Tosaka's new album due out on August 8. In the PV, he portrays the worldview of the song by performing at places that resemble historic ruins.

Is This A First Look At The Xperia Xz3?

Is this a first look at the Xperia XZ3?

Sony Mobile is likely to announce new Xperia hardware at the IFA 2018 tradeshow in Berlin, at the end of August. That's not a surprise, as it has been that way for a number years. Well some pictures have been doing the rounds, purported to that of a prototype of the next Xperia flagship – the Xperia XZ3.

Everus Ev Concept A Look Into Honda's Ev Future

Everus EV Concept A Look Into Honda's EV FutureWhat you’re looking at is the Everus EV Concept, a vehicle spawned from the joint venture between Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC). Unveiled at the ongoing Beijing Auto Show, the vehicle previews the first mass-production EV which Honda will develop exclusively for the Chinese market.