Bill Gates' ‘greatest Mistake Ever' Was Losing Out To Android

Bill Gates' ‘Greatest Mistake Ever' Was Losing Out To Android

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates talked about what he considers to be his “greatest mistake every” at the company during an interview at venture capital firm Village Global. It was the company’s haphazard move from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone. That move allowed Android to become the only true alternative to Apple’s iOS platform.

“In the software world, particularly for platforms, these are winner-take-all markets. So the greatest mistake ever is whatever mismanagement I engaged in that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is,” Gates said.

Losing Weight Via Barbecued Chicken In The Staff Canteen

Losing weight via barbecued chicken in the staff canteenNanako Ogino sniffs around any uneaten food on the plates at the staff restaurant of Tanita Corp.

She's not hungry and desperately scavenging for leftovers. She is, in fact, a 35-year-old registered nutritionist who works there, and the enjoyment of food and healthy eating is always on her mind.

Infiniti : Formula 1 : Daniel Ricciardo Warns Against Losing Focus While Racing At Monza

Infiniti : Formula 1 : Daniel Ricciardo Warns Against Losing Focus While Racing At MonzaWhile some F1 drivers might enjoy a quick breather between difficult corners, Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo says that Monza isn't a good place to lose focus at.
At first, it might sound a bit counter-intuitive, especially since when F1 drivers take "breathers", they don't actually space out or think about other things. They simply use the time (generally given by very long straights) in order to plan their next move, change certain settings on the car and communicate with their race engineer.

Baseball: Lions Snap Losing Skid Behind Lefty Kikuchi

Baseball: Lions snap losing skid behind lefty KikuchiYusei Kikuchi (5-6) worked 6-2/3 scoreless innings to help the Seibu Lions snap their franchise-worst 13 game losing streak with a 6-1 win over the Rakuten Eagles.
Kikuchi, a native of the Tohoku region, allowed five hits and two walks, while striking out five at Sendai's Kobo Miyagi Stadium.

Honda Civic Losing Ground To Toyota Corolla

Honda Civic Sedan and Fit Selected as Top Rated VehiclesOh, what a difference a year has made. When the numbers were tallied for 2013, the Honda Civic was riding high by claiming its segment's sales crown in the US despite being challenged by the latest generation of the Toyota Corolla for part of the year. However, with just a month to go in the battle for C-segment supremacy in 2014, it looks like Toyota gets to hoist the trophy this time.