Japanese, French Villages Of "love" Strike Accord

Japanese, French villages of

A Japanese village and a French village, each relying on "love" to boost their economy, formed a sister-city relationship in a signing ceremony in Paris on Friday.

The village of Sagara, Kumamoto Prefecture in southwestern Japan, which calls itself a "village where people can get along well with each other," joined hands with the central French village of Saint-Valentin.

Falling In Love With Autumn Colors At Their Peak

Falling in love with autumn colors at their peak

DAIGO, Ibaraki Prefecture--There are few better places to view autumn in its full fiery glory than the magnificent Fukuroda Falls.

The falls are 120 meters high and have four levels, according to Daigo's tourism association.

Love And Lies

Love and LiesThe Japanese government carries out a program to increase the birth rate in the country. Their program analyzes gene information from its residents and selects a marriage partner for them.
Aoi Nisaka (Aoi Morikawa) is a high school student. She is in a love triangle with childhood friend Yuto Shiba (Takumi Kitamura) and Sosuke Takachiho (Kanta Sato). Sosuke Takachiho is appointed by the government to become her husband.

Luna Sea To Release New Album With The Theme 'love'

LUNA SEA to release new album with the theme 'love'

LUNA SEA will release their 9th original album "LUV" on December 20. In addition, they have announced that they will hold a nationwide hall tour called "LUNA SEA LUV TOUR 2018" early next year.

It's been about four years since LUNA SEA released their last album "A WILL." The upcoming album will be made with the theme "love," and the band hopes to represent the different shapes of love using a wide variety of approaches.

Date Ends Career With A Whole Lot Of Love

Date ends career with a whole lot of love

AFP-JijiTOKYO (AFP-Jiji) — Kimiko Date, the grande dame of women's tennis, bowed out of the sport after being thrashed 6-0, 6-0 by Aleksandra Krunic at the Japan Women's Open on Tuesday.

The former world No. 4, who turns 47 later this month, was simply no match for a Serbian opponent who at 24 is young enough to be Date's daughter. Krunic took just 49 minutes to inflict the dreaded "double bagel" on Date in a lop-sided first round encounter in Tokyo.

Exile's Takahiro Announces First Solo Single In 3 Years "eternal Love"

EXILE's TAKAHIRO Announces First Solo Single In 3 Years "Eternal Love"EXILE member TAKAHIRO has announced that he will be releasing a solo single titled "Eternal Love" on October 4.
In recent years, TAKAHIRO has been developing himself as an artist in wide range of fields, including acting in movies and dramas. His latest venture sees him dabbling in music production, receiving guidance from producer Seiji Kameda who facilitate the creation of the new song.

Sashihara Rino Produced Idol Group =love To Make Their Major Debut

Sashihara Rino produced idol group =LOVE to make their major debut

=LOVE, a new idol group produced by Sashihara Rino, will make their major debut from SACRA MUSIC with a self-titled single on September 6. 

=LOVE held their first performance on August 5 at "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2017" in Odaiba. Member Yamamoto Anna promised, "It's really early for us to make our major debut, but we will do our best not to disappoint everybody!

Perverted Reality: Women Outpace Men At 'love Doll' Exhibit

Perverted reality: Women outpace men at 'love doll' exhibit

Admirers at a "love doll" exhibition in Tokyo are a far cry from the stereotypical image of an introverted pervert fulfilling his dark fantasies with an anatomically correct plastic companion in his lonely apartment.

Visitors at the venue can be heard praising the beauty and life-like appearances of what are essentially toys used by men for simulated sexual acts. These accolades often come from women.

Suppliers Love Toyota And Honda: Why That Matters To You

Suppliers love Toyota and Honda: Why that matters to you

You might think that a survey of automotive suppliers and their relationship with OEMs is the automotive equivalent of nerd prom. In some ways that's what the North American Automotive OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index (WRI) is. The study, the 17th annual conducted by Planning Perspectives Inc., is based on input from 652 salespeople from 108 Tier One suppliers, or, PPI points out, 40 of the top 50 automotive suppliers in North America. Suppliers to General Motors, Ford, FCA, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

But the results have consequences in terms of tens of millions of dollars for OEMs - and in the quality, technology, and cost of the next vehicle you buy. There are a couple of ways to look at the results of the WRI. One is, "So what else is new?" And the other is, "Damn! How did that happen?"

Main Signs That You Fall In Love With A Girl

Main Signs That You Fall in Love with a GirlSometimes love sneaks up unnoticed. How can you understand that this is a real love? For this game, you need a beautiful girlfriend, and the rest is not so important.

Every man fell in love and loved at least once. Sometimes love sneaks up on you and hits like thunder on a cloudless day. How can you feel that just a sympathy turns into falling in love? It’s possible to highlight 10 main signs that you fell in love. Being truly in love, you’ll do your best to woo a Russian woman.