Exile Unveil Pv For 'ai No Tame Ni ~for Love, For A Child~'

EXILE unveil PV for 'Ai no Tame ni ~for love, for a child~'

EXILE have unveiled the PV for their new song "Ai no Tame ni ~for love, for a child~."

This song will be released together with EXILE THE SECOND's song "Shunkan Eternal" as a split single on January 1. The PV portrays 5 abstract themes: "IGNITION," "IMAGINATION," "INFINITY," "BEYOND THE BORDER," and "RISING." It also features a performance by 22 students from LDH's dance school EXPG STUDIO.

2019 Honda Super Cub First Ride Review | The Nicest People Love This Little Bike

2019 Honda Super Cub First Ride Review | The nicest people love this little bike

Long before Honda Civics and CR-Vs dotted American roads, Soichiro Honda was hatching a plan to seduce U.S. consumers with a gotta-have-it ride. "Old man" Honda dreamed of an affordable two-wheeler that could meet a few simple but critical guidelines: produce at least 4 horsepower from a quiet, efficient motor, be rugged enough to handle almost any road, and welcome any and all riders with an ergonomically friendly package. After a research trip to Europe, Soichiro and his team rolled up their sleeves and developed the Honda C100 "Super Cub," which made its way to the United States in 1959.

'ossan's Love' To Return With A Second Season This Year

'Ossan's Love' to return with a second season this year

TV Asahi has revealed that they have officially started working on a second season for popular drama 'Ossan's Love' to air this year. 

'Ossan's Love' aired in spring of last year as TV Asahi's Saturday night drama. It topped Twitter's trending words ranking worldwide and was nominated for the '2018 U-Can Shingo Ryukogo Taisho.' 

Inagaki Goro Reminisces About An Old Love In Pv For 'suzunari'

Inagaki Goro reminisces about an old love in PV for 'SUZUNARI'

The PV for Inagaki Goro's new song "SUZUNARI" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"SUZUNARI" is the theme song to Amazon Prime Video drama 'Tokyo BTH ~TOKYO BLOOD TYPE HOUSE~' starring Inagaki himself. Written and composed by Kawatani Enon (Gesu no Kiwami Otome., indigo la End), it was released digitally on Amazon Music, iTunes Store, and Recochoku on December 21. In the PV, Inagaki reminisces about an old love.

Nintendo Would 'love' To See Red Dead Redemption 2 On The Switch

Nintendo Would 'Love' To See Red Dead Redemption 2 On The Switch

The Nintendo Switch is definitely doing a much better job compared to its predecessor, the Wii U, at attracting developers onto its platform. For example the console managed to get companies like Bethesda to bring games like Skyrim onto it, plus we’re also seeing a ton of indies launch for the Switch as well.

However there are still quite a number of famous games that have yet to be released for the Switch, such as Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed why the game was not launched for the Switch, and stated that he would love that if it did.

Aiko To Hold Next 'love Like Pop' Tour From January To March

aiko to hold next 'Love Like Pop' tour from January to March

aiko will hold her arena tour 'Love Like Pop vol.21' from January to March of next year. 

This was announced on November 18 at the NHK Hall show of her nationwide tour 'Love Like Pop vol.20.' The upcoming tour will host a total of six shows in three locations. You can check out the tour dates below. 

Sekai No Owari's Dj Love And Former Fudanjuku's Ura Erika Tie The Knot

SEKAI NO OWARI's DJ LOVE and former Fudanjuku's Ura Erika tie the knot

It's been reported that SEKAI NO OWARI's DJ LOVE and former Fudanjuku's Ura Erika have tied the knot. 

On the band's official website, DJ LOVE announced, "At this time, I have registered my marriage with talento Ura Erika-san, whom I have been dating for some time. While spending my life with her, who understands and supports me as well as my band, I intend to work even harder in my band activities."

9nine To Digitally Release New Song 'kokudou Summer Love'

9nine to digitally release new song 'Kokudou Summer Love'

9nine will digitally release a new song titled "Kokudou Summer Love" on July 27.

This announcement was made on July 18 during a special program on SHOWROOM. On the song, the members commented, "It's THE 'SUMMER' Song," "I really love the rhythm," and "It's a song that refreshes your summer."

Hey! Say! Jump To Release A New Album 'sense Or Love'

Hey! Say! JUMP to release a new album 'SENSE or LOVE'

Hey! Say! JUMP will release their new album "SENSE or LOVE" on August 22. In addition, they will hold a nationwide tour starting August 31. 

The group will be off to a new start in September when member Okamoto Keito will be studying abroad. The upcoming album will feature "dance," with a total of 17 tracks including their singles "Precious Girl," "White Love," and "Mae wo Muke."

Kis-my-ft2 Does An Emotional Dance In Pv For 'because I Love You'

Kis-My-Ft2 does an emotional dance in PV for 'Because I Love You'

The short PV for Kis-My-Ft2's new song "Because I Love You" has been revealed. 

"Because I Love You" will be included in the group's new single "LOVE" due out on July 11.  It's a love song about an immature love that took place during one's elementary school days. In the PV, the members portray the song's worldview with their emotional expressions and movements. 

Super☆girls To Release A Summer Love Song

SUPER☆GiRLS to release a summer love song

SUPER☆GiRLS' new single "Bubbling Squash!" will be released on August 15. 

"Bubbling Squash!" is a love song that compares a shy girl's feelings of being unable to express her feelings to the bubbles of a sweet and sour fruit squash. As this will be the group's first summer single in about two years, they plan to have various projects this summer. 

Kis-my-ft2 Unveil Jacket Covers For 'love'

Kis-My-Ft2 unveil jacket covers for 'LOVE'

Kis-My-Ft2 have unveiled the jacket covers for their new single "LOVE" due out on July 11.

The single's title track is currently being used in the CM for topical itch cream Unacool starring the members of Kis-My-Ft2. It will be released in Limited Editions A & B and a Regular Edition. Besides "L.O.V.E.", the limited editions will include a new song titled "Because I Love You," and the regular edition will contain three unit songs.