15 Min. For Lunch At Most Yokohama Jr. Highs

15 min. for lunch at most Yokohama jr. highs

A survey shows that more than 90 percent of public junior high schools in Yokohama City, near Tokyo, allotted only 15 minutes for student lunches in the last fiscal year.

The city's board of education surveyed all 148 public junior high schools in response to concerns raised by parents.

Tomb-shaped Lunch Awaits Tourists Flying Over Burial Sites

Tomb-shaped lunch awaits tourists flying over burial sites

YAO, Osaka Prefecture--Tourists will be served rice in the shape of a keyhole-shaped burial mound and vegetables cut to resemble "haniwa" ritual clay figurines during a special trip that includes an airborne tour of ancient tombs in the prefecture.

The Jan. 20 tour will center on the Mozu and Furuichi burial mound clusters, which have been nominated by the government for UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status in 2019. Those sites are located in Sakai, Habikino and Fujiidera.

Eating Out/cafe Serves Up Plate Of 'school Lunch' Nostalgia

Eating out/Cafe serves up plate of 'school lunch' sentimentality

The Yomiuri ShimbunPeople are talking about a bistro in Arakawa Ward, Tokyo, that serves "school snacks" made by a past grade school cafeteria cook.

The lunch swarm goes to the bistro to welcome the nostalgic sorts of youth, as agepan rotisserie rolls completed with sugar, zhajiang noodles and curry stew. OGU1, explained "ogu-ichi," is arranged in a private neighborhood close Akado-shogakkomae Station on the Nippori-Toneri Liner line.

Box Lunch With Japanese Spanish Mackerel Teriyaki Style

Box lunch with Japanese Spanish mackerel teriyaki styleCooking expert Megumi Fujii has put together a box lunch for adults. She reduced the calories with a minimal use of oil and two vegetable side dishes. The main dish--Japanese Spanish mackerel teriyaki style--is partly prepared the night before. Salmon or marlin may also be used. Green vegetables, including common beans and “komatsuna” leaves, add color to the box lunch. Fujii recommends the vegetables be simply boiled with salt or mixed with soy sauce, pickled plum and sesame seeds. Serves one.

Sony Unveils The New Ps3 Lunch Box

Sony unveils the new PS3 Lunch BoxSony Computer Entertainment Japan happily unveils a new PS3 Lunch Box .

Unveiled on December 14, 2012, this special limited edition item was a token of appreciation from Sony Computer Entertainment for the continued support of long running series like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear . It was dubbed as "the Ultimate Theme Lunch Box".