Humans Sense Earth's Magnetic Field, Brain Wave Study Indicates

Humans sense Earth's magnetic field, brain wave study indicates

Migratory birds depend on Earth's magnetic field to navigate, and now there is evidence that humans may be unconsciously in touch with it as well, research shows.

"It appears humans are subconsciously sensing geomagnetism," said Ayumu Matani, a University of Tokyo associate professor of cognitive neuro-engineering and one of the team's researchers. "Earth's magnetic field may be influencing human behavior in some way or other."

Toshiba Unveils World's First 14tb Conventional Magnetic Hard Drive

Toshiba unveils world's first 14TB conventional magnetic hard drive

Toshiba has unveiled what it claims is the first ever Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) Hard Drive (HDD) with a massive 14TB capacity. This drive, which is billed as a model for enterprise use, boasts nine disks and a helium-sealed design, 3.5in form factor, 7200rpm speed, and a 6Gbit/s SATA interface.

Toshiba announced the new drive, which is part of the new MG07ACA series, last week alongside a smaller 12TB 8-disk model. Both hard drives boast a lower operating power profile than the previously launched MG06ACA series, according to Toshiba, as well as better storage density.

Sony Develops Magnetic Tape With 201gb/(inch)2 Areal Density (1)

Sony Develops Magnetic Tape With 201Gb/(inch)2 Areal Density (1)

Sony Corp developed a magnetic tape with an areal density of 201Gbit/(inch)2 in collaboration with IBM Zurich Laboratories in Switzerland.

In terms of magnetic tape cartridge, the new tape can realize about 330 Tbytes, which means an areal density about 20 times higher than that of existing cartridge products. This time, Sony developed a recording medium, tape, etc, and IBM Zurich Laboratories was responsible for drive technologies such as a magnetic head, servo control technology, etc.

Sony's New Magnetic Tape Could Help Cloud Computing, Ai Technologies

Sony's new magnetic tape could help cloud computing, AI technologies

Sony Corp. said Wednesday it has developed a new type of magnetic tape that can record 20 times more data than previously possible, a technology that could be useful as the spread of cloud computing and artificial intelligence call for more memory space and a dependable way to preserve data.

The technology, developed in collaboration with IBM Research's Zurich laboratory, can store approximately 330 terabytes -- roughly equal to data used for 80,000 movies -- per cartridge compared with 15 terabytes on conventional magnetic tapes.

Tdk Increases Magnetic Permeability Of Noise Reduction Sheet

TDK Boosts Magnetic Permeability of Noise Reduction SheetTDK Corp announced that it has developed a magnetic sheet used as a measure against electromagnetic noise generated by electronic devices and will start volume production in September 2015.
TDK realized the industry's highest-level magnetic permeability by making improvements to materials and production processes. Even when the thickness of the new magnetic sheet is about 20% less than that of the previous product, it is possible to realize an equivalent performance, the company said. This is the first time in five years that the company has released a new magnetic sheet of this type.

Japan To Build A Magnetic Net To Fish Out Floating Space Debris

Japan to build a magnetic net to fish out floating space debrisAs low earth orbit is starting to get cluttered with space debris, countries with very active space programs like Japan is trying ways to clean this mess. To solve this problem, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is teaming up with fishing equipment manufacturer Nitto Seimo, to build a magnetic net that will be able to fish out floating space debris.

Toshiba Honored By The Promotion Foundation For Electrical Science And Engineering For Commercialization Of Hdd With Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology

Toshiba Honored by The Promotion Foundation for Electrical Science and Engineering for Commercialization of HDD with Perpendicular Magnetic Recording TechnologyToshiba today received a Promotion of Electrical Science and Engineering Award from the Promotion Foundation for Electrical Science and Engineering for "Development of CoPt-SiO2 granular medium for perpendicular magnetic recording". This follows on from the September award to Toshiba of the "Innovative Technology & Product Award 2013" by the Magnetic Society of Japan for "Development of CoPt-Oxide/Ru granular magnetic film for perpendicular magnetic recording media". These achievements underline Toshiba's leadership in the development of advanced magnetic materials and manufacturing processes for perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology.