Ceatec 2013 Japan : Tdk Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording Boosts Hdd Capacity (hamr)

CEATEC 2013 Japan : TDK Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording Boosts HDD Capacity (HAMR)At CEATEC Japan, TDK was demonstrating HAMR (heat-assisted magnetic recording), a technology designed to dramatically increase the data density of mechanical hard drives. Hard drives are typically limited by how much bits of information they can safely store per square inch of each platter surface (HDDs can feature many platters or disks).

Fujitsu Paves The Way To Developing Magnetic Materials Which Do Not Rely On Heavy Rare Earth Elements

Fujitsu paves the way to developing magnetic materials which do not rely on heavy rare earth elementsFujitsu today announced the development of a new technology for simulating magnetization reversal and has used the K computer to perform huge calculations to successfully conduct the world’s first simulation of the magnetization-reversal process in a permanent magnet. This opens up new possibilities in the manufacture of electric motors, generators and other devices without relying on heavy rare earth elements.The process of magnetization reversal has been a subject of scientific study, but the huge volume of calculations required to accurately model magnetic materials has made it difficult to simulate that process.

Panasonic Waterproof And Shockproof Anti Magnetic Sd Cards

Panasonic Waterproof And Shockproof Anti Magnetic SD CardsPanasonic released in Japan new SDHC and SDX Cards that are Waterproof, Shockproof, Anti Magnetic, X-Ray Proof, Freeze proof .

These new SD cards comes in two different flavors . The SDAB Series offers a 95MB/sec reading speed and 80MB/sec writing speed with capacity ranging from 8 up to 32GB.

Instantly Obliterating Data On Magnetic Media

Instantly Obliterating Data on Magnetic MediaAt the Information Security Expo, Platform of Japan presented Data Killer, a device that can erase data instantly. Data on a hard disk is recorded using magnetic alignments. Data Killer obliterates data instantly, by using a strong magnetic field to change all the magnetic alignments to the same direction.