Ishihara Satomi Challenges Herself To Wearing Makeup In 10 Seconds

Ishihara Satomi challenges herself to wearing makeup in 10 seconds

Ishihara Satomi stars in Sofina AUBE's 10-second makeup challenge video. The actress skillfully does her eye makeup using the brand's eyeshadow 'AUBE Brush Hitonuri Shadow N.'

With a countdown timer, Ishihara first applies the base color with her finger, then brushes on the 3-color eye shadow, then finally uses the tip to complete her look. 

Japan's Youngsters Tap The Latest Fashion And Makeup Trends Via Social Media

New generation rides Korean wave / Japan's youngsters tap the latest fashion and makeup trends via social mediaIn Japan, South Korea is booming once again.

Previously, it was TV drama "Winter Sonata" that captivated middle-aged and elderly Japanese women. But now, it's teenage girls and women in their 20s who are at the center of a cultural wave known as Hallyu. These women use social media to adopt South Korean makeup and fashion trends.

Panasonic Worlds First Makeup Design Tool Utilizing Image Recognition

Panasonic Develops Worlds First Makeup Design Tool Utilizing Image Recognition and Processing Technologies - Fareastgizmos
Panasonic has developed an industry-first “Makeup Design Tool,” which lets users intuitively and easily design makeup by using a touch pen and applying makeup to a facial photograph. Working closely with professional makeup artists, Panasonic has transformed “makeup,” which has traditionally been an analog technology, into digital. User can design makeup as though she is actually applying makeup. The tool replicates the colors and textures of cosmetics, and the brush tool can actually respond to pen pressure to apply a denser colored makeup. The brush tip size can also be adjusted.

Using facial recognition technology, the tool analyzes the proportions of one’s face, which is fundamental when applying makeup (the balance of each part of one’s face such as the eyes or nose) and displays tips on how to apply makeup. For example, the tool analyzes the balance when one’s face is divided vertically into 3 parts (compared against equal proportions), and can show tips on how to apply makeup for a better balance using any facial image. The makeup designed can also be superimposed on moving facial images captured by the same tablet to simulate what it would look like under actual lighting.

The tool may be used for a wide range of applications, for example, as a communication tool that can be used by beauty advisors to speak to customers at cosmetic counters, to recommend makeup to customers at photo studios, wedding venues, beauty salons, and by beauty and cosmetology schools to create educational materials and for makeup technique training. The Panasonic Makeup Design Tool is available to experience in the Panasonic booth at CEATEC JAPAN 2017.
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Kuroki Meisa Shows Off Her No Makeup Face

Kuroki Meisa shows off her no makeup faceActress Kuroki Meisa (27) recently tweeted a photo of herself with no makeup on.
On October 10, Kuroki shared that she went to the gym after shooting for her drama. Although she claimed that her "makeup came off from all of the sweat," she still looks as stunning as ever. Many fans commented on how beautiful she is with or without makeup.

Fujiwara Norika Shows Off Her No Makeup Face

Fujiwara Norika shows off her no makeup faceActress Fujiwara Norika (43) recently revealed her no makeup face via her official blog.
On September 23, Fujiwara updated her blog with an entry titled "What I eat early in the morning". She wrote, "I haven't put my makeup on yet..." and revealed a picture of herself with no make up on. She confidently added, "My body and skin are in good condition today."

Makeup Trends Reflect Tone Of Each Era

Makeup trends reflect tone of each eraThe Japanese cosmetics industry was abuzz last year with the news: Red lipstick was back in style! Women are once again starting to wear red, the de rigueur color during the asset-inflated economy of the late 1980s to early '90s. Some say this reflects a growing sense that Japan is finally emerging from a long period of deflation.

Geisha Makeup

Geisha MakeupIn modern times the traditional makeup of apprentice geisha is one of their most recognizable characteristics, though established geisha generally only wear full white face makeup characteristic of maiko during special performances.