Man Arrested For Stabbing Osaka Police Officer

Man arrested for stabbing Osaka police officer

Police in Osaka say a man suspected of stabbing one of their officers and stealing his handgun, had lived near the crime scene in the past.

The incident occurred early on Sunday morning in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.

33-year-old Man Arrested For Stabbing

33-year-old man arrested for stabbing

Police in Osaka Prefecture, western Japan, have arrested a 33-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing a police officer and stealing his loaded handgun.

Police apprehended the suspect in the city of Mino shortly after 6:30 a.m. on Monday on the charges of robbery and attempted murder.

Police Attack Suspect May Be Tokyo Man In His 30s

Police attack suspect may be Tokyo man in his 30s

An investigative source has told NHK that a suspect who stabbed a police officer and stole a loaded firearm in Osaka Prefecture may be a Tokyo resident in his 30s.

The officer, Suzunosuke Kose, was found stabbed in the chest at around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday near the police box in Suita City where he had been on duty. Kose remains unconscious.

A Man Stabs 2 To Death, Injures 17

A man stabs 2 to death, injures 17

A man stabbed children and adults in a town near Tokyo on Tuesday morning, killing an elementary school girl and a man in his 30s and injuring 17. The attacker stabbed himself in the neck and was pronounced dead at a hospital.

The incident occurred in Noborito-shinmachi, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. A caller told police around 7:45 a.m. that people had been stabbed on a road near a park.

Sony 'desperately' Wants Tom Hardy's Venom In Spider-man 3

Sony 'Desperately' Wants Tom Hardy's Venom In Spider-Man 3

Spider-man: Far From Home has yet to be released, but it seems that the rumors about the third movie have started to make their rounds. According to a series of tweets by an alleged Marvel insider calling themselves Roger Wardell, the third installment in Marvel’s Spider-Man movies could see Tom Hardy’s Venom character introduced.

If this is true, it would officially mark the introduction of Venom into the MCU. In many ways, it makes sense, given how big a role Venom plays in the history of Spider-Man. It also makes sense financially, with Hardy’s Venom movie raking in over $800 million in sales, despite it being panned by critics.

Cocaine Found In Dead Japanese Man On Plane

Cocaine found in dead Japanese man on plane

Mexican authorities say large quantities of cocaine have been found in the body of a Japanese man who died on a plane in Mexico.

Judicial authorities in the northern state of Sonora said in a statement on Sunday that 246 packets of the drug were found in the man's stomach and intestines.

Care Home Worker Arrested In Death Of Elderly Man

Care home worker arrested in death of elderly man

Police in Tokyo have arrested a former caregiver at a nursing home on suspicion of killing an elderly male resident.

Police say that on Wednesday they arrested a 28-year-old man who used to work at the nursing care facility in Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward.

Suga: Govt. Plans To Assist Man Sentenced In China

Suga: Govt. plans to assist man sentenced in China

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga says the government plans to offer assistance to a Japanese man who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in China for spying.

Suga addressed the issue at a news conference on Tuesday. The man in his 50s was detained in China after conducting surveys for hot spring development.

Man Abducted By N.korea Reacts To Abdication

Man abducted by N.Korea reacts to abdication

A man who was abducted by North Korea and returned to Japan decades later has recalled conversations he had with Emperor Akihito.

Kaoru Hasuike met with the emperor and empress in 2003, the year after his return from the North. He also met with them in 2007 following a major earthquake that hit Niigata, where he lived.

Police Arrest Man Over Knives On Prince's Desk

Police arrest man over knives on prince's desk

Tokyo police have arrested a man in his 50s in connection with knives left on the school desk of Prince Hisahito, the grandson of Emperor Akihito.

The police say they arrested 56-year-old Kaoru Hasegawa on Monday in Hiratsuka City, west of Tokyo, on suspicion of trespassing at the school. They say he admits the charge.

Man Cuts Gate Bars At Busy Railway Crossing

Man cuts gate bars at busy railway crossing

Police in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo are searching for a driver who cut through gate bars at a busy railway crossing on Saturday before fleeing.

The police found the severed bars at the Keisei Railway crossing in Funabashi city.

Deportation Nixed For Gay Taiwanese Man

Deportation nixed for gay Taiwanese man

Japan's immigration authorities have retracted a deportation order for a gay Taiwanese man who overstayed his visa. His lawyers say this is likely the first case of its kind in Japan.

The man, who is in his 40s, was arrested 3 years ago and faced deportation. He has been living with his same-sex partner in Japan for 25 years.