Man Waiting To Be Hospitalized For Virus Dies

Man waiting to be hospitalized for virus dies

A man has died in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, while waiting to be hospitalized for the coronavirus.

Prefectural officials say the company employee in his 50s had been recuperating at home because he had mild symptoms. He lived alone.

Japanese Man Tests Positive For Coronavirus Again

Japanese man tests positive for coronavirus again

Officials in western Japan's Mie Prefecture say a man who was a passenger on a cruise ship that was hit by the coronavirus has again tested positive after recovering from infection.

The man, who is in his 70s, first tested positive for the virus on February 14 while he was onboard the Diamond Princess, which was under quarantine off Yokohama.

Infected Man Visited Restaurant To 'pass On Virus'

Infected man visited restaurant to 'pass on virus'

Police in central Japan plan to question a man infected with the new coronavirus who visited a restaurant after the health authorities told him to stay at home.

City officials in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture, say the man's infection was confirmed on March 4, but he went to the restaurant later the same day. The staff notified health officials because the man, who is in his 50s, said he had the coronavirus.

Man Jailed 10 Years For Sexually Abusing Daughter

Man jailed 10 years for sexually abusing daughter

A high court in Japan has found a man guilty of sexually abusing his biological daughter, reversing a lower court acquittal that triggered a wave of protests.

The Nagoya High Court on Thursday sentenced the father to 10 years in prison as sought by prosecutors.

Tokyo Man Infected With Coronavirus Dies

Tokyo man infected with coronavirus dies

Japan's heath ministry says a resident of Tokyo in his 80s died of pneumonia on Wednesday after contracting the new coronavirus.

It is the seventh confirmed case of infection in Japan that resulted in death. Four were passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Wakayama Man With Coronavirus In Serious Condition

Wakayama man with coronavirus in serious condition

A man in his 70s has been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan. He was temporarily admitted to the same hospital where a surgeon tested positive for the virus on Thursday.

Prefectural officials say in-house infection is unlikely.

Snow Man Reveal Dates For Asia Tour

Snow Man reveal dates for Asia tour

Snow Man have revealed the schedule for their Asia tour 'Snow Man ASIA TOUR 2D.2D.'

Last August, Snow Man announced their CD debut as well as an Asia tour. At this time, they have revealed the dates for the Japan segment of the tour, which includes a total of 14 shows. Besides Japan, they are planning on performing in Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, and Taipei.

Androp To Hold One-man Tour In Summer

androp to hold one-man tour in summer

androp will hold a one-man tour in June and July. 

This was announced on January 11 during the band's 10th anniversary live at Showa Women's University. The tour is scheduled to kick off on June 12 at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO and wrap up on July 9 at EX THEATER ROPPONGI. 

Man With A Mission To Kick Off 10th Anniversary Project

MAN WITH A MISSION to kick off 10th anniversary project

To commemorate 10 years since their formation, MAN WITH A MISSION will start their tenth anniversary project 'MAN WITH A 10th MISSION.'

On their anniversary day, February 9, 2020, the band is scheduled to hold a special live at Zepp Tokyo. Besides a live, they will hold a talk session reflecting on the past 10 years and show a portion of their movie 'MAN WITH A MISSION THE MOVIE -TRACE the HISTORY-.'

Acid Android To Hold A One-man Tour In Early Summer

ACID ANDROID to hold a one-man tour in early summer

ACID ANDROID will hold a one-man tour titled 'ACID ANDROID LIVE 2020 #1' in early summer of 2020. 

2019 was a fulfilling year for ACID ANDROID; hold two tours, participating in battle-of-the-bands, and performing in Asia. His first tour of 2020 will kick off on May 20 at BananaHall in Osaka and wrap up on June 27 at Veats shibuya in Tokyo.