'one Piece' Manga Series Tops 460 Million Copies In Print

ANIME NEWS: 'One Piece' manga series tops 460 million copies in print

The "One Piece" manga series has more than 460 million copies in print worldwide after its 95th volume was released on Dec. 28 in Japan.

Written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, the story centers around Luffy, who seeks to find a secret treasure called One Piece and become the pirate king.

Dan Mitsu Marries Manga Artist Seino Toru

Dan Mitsu marries manga artist Seino Toru

It's been reported that talento Dan Mitsu (38) has married manga artist Seino Toru (39). 

In a written announcement to fan club members, Dan Mitsu announced, "We met on a program about 2 years ago and have been good friends; going out to eat and going on walks. At the beginning of this year, we started thinking about marriage, and it happened today. I am not pregnant.

Ex-operator Of Pirate Manga Website Arrested

Ex-operator of pirate manga website arrested

Japanese police have arrested a man believed to have played a leading role in running an illegal manga-viewing website called Manga-mura, or Manga-village, after he was deported from the Philippines.

Police arrested 27-year-old Romi Hoshino on Tuesday after a plane carrying him entered Japanese airspace. He was detained by the Philippine bureau of immigration in July.

Check Out This Awesome Lexus Manga Art With Exploding Cities And Dragons Galore

Check out this awesome Lexus manga art with exploding cities and dragons galore

Lexus just did something a bit different, and it has to do with manga art. The headliner piece is the Lexus LC 500 with the masked warrior crouching on top of it, seen above. We think it's objectively awesome, as the car autonomously races away from an exploding city.

The LC 500 was drawn by Bulgarian artist Daniel Atanasov. He says it's "heavily influenced by Japanese culture. The main character is wearing an oni mask, which in Japan are worn at festivals to protect from evil spirits. He is holding a nodachi sword (a type of Samurai sword), and the pose of the character has been influenced by martial arts." Atanasov says the LC 500 is self-driving, controlled by the character on top of the car.

Manga Artist Momoko Sakura Dies

Manga artist Momoko Sakura dies

The Japanese manga artist famous for her character Chibi Maruko-chan has died. Her office says she passed away from breast cancer on August 15th. She was 53 years old.

Momoko Sakura from Shizuoka Prefecture made her debut as a manga artist in 1984.

Kobukuro Collaborate With Manga Artist Takano Ichigo For New Song

Kobukuro collaborate with manga artist Takano Ichigo for new song

A teaser music video for Kobukuro's new song "Kimi ni Nare" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"Kimi ni Nare" is one of the tracks included in Kobukuro's new single "ONE TIMES ONE" out on April 11. For this song, the duo collaborated with manga artist Takano Ichigo, who will be drawing a new manga based on the song. It will begin its serialization in 'Gekkan Action' in its June issue to hit shelves on April 25. 

Japanese Manga Artist Kazuo Umezu Has Won An Award At One Of Europe's Largest Comic Festivals Held In France

Japanese manga artist Kazuo Umezu has won an award at one of Europe's largest comic festivals held in France

Japanese manga artist Kazuo Umezu has won an award at one of Europe's largest comic festivals held in France for a comic featuring a robot that develops emotions, his publisher said Tuesday.

The 81-year-old author of "Watashi wa Shingo" (My name is Shingo) was given the Heritage Award at the 45th Angouleme International Comics Festival held for four days through Sunday. The prize is awarded to the producer of a work that is worthy of being handed down to posterity.

Japan Leading Anime Studio Toei Animation And Saudi Arabia Manga Productions Launches A 20-minute Short Titled The Woodcutter Treasure

Japan leading anime studio Toei Animation and Saudi Arabia Manga Productions launches a 20-minute short titled The Woodcutter Treasure

The first fruit of a collaboration between Japan's leading anime studio Toei Animation Co. and Saudi Arabia's Manga Productions, a 20-minute short titled "The Woodcutter's Treasure," is set to air in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Based on a Saudi Arabian folk tale, the already completed short is aimed at children and families, and available in Japanese and Arabic.

Manga Cafes, Capsule Hotels Increasing Their Female Focus

Manga cafes, capsule hotels increasing their female focus

Manga cafes and capsule hotels in Japan are generally considered the domains of men, their cramped, dark spaces not particularly alluring to female customers.

But with businesses realizing they are forgoing 50 percent of their potential customer base, some have introduced new offerings designed to appeal to women, offering a relaxed, and most importantly, safe environment.

Manga Legend Taniguchi's Unpublished Works To Go Public In Dec.

Manga legend Taniguchi's unpublished works to go public in Dec.

Unpublished works of manga legend Jiro Taniguchi, who died earlier this year, have been unearthed and will be released to the public in December, a Japanese publisher has announced.

Taniguchi, who died in February at the age of 69, is famous for his exquisite line drawings and for a number of smash hits such as "Kodoku no Gurume" (The Lonely Gourmet), which was adapted in a TV series.