Live-action 'gintama' Brings Out Best In Manga

Live-action 'Gintama' brings out best in manga

By Yayoi Kawatoko / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterHere comes the stupidest samurai in the universe! The live-action film adaptation of "Gintama," the blockbuster manga serialized in the Shukan Shonen Jump weekly magazine since late 2003, has finally hit theaters.

With the number of copies printed exceeding 51 million, "Gintama" has laughs, affection, battles and just about everything else. A sci-fi period fantasy by Hideaki Sorachi, the manga has an outrageous premise: The samurai warriors from the tumultuous years leading up to the Meiji Restoration take on invading space aliens.

Makeover For Manga-covered Kitaro Trains On Way Next Year

Makeover for manga-covered Kitaro Trains on way next year

YONAGO, Tottori Prefecture--The manga-covered Kitaro Train cars running on the JR Sakai Line are to be given a spooky makeover featuring six "yokai" monster illustrations, West Japan Railway Co.'s (JR West) Yonago branch has announced.

The train cars are currently illustrated with characters from the "Gegege no Kitaro" horror manga and anime series including Kitaro, Sunakake-Baba, Konaki-Jiji, Nezumi-Otoko, Neko-Musume and Medama-Oyaji.

Kanta On Manga / A Welfare Caseworker's Lot Is Not A Happy One

KANTA ON MANGA / A welfare caseworker's lot is not a happy one


In January, it became a social issue that public workers serving as caseworkers to help people in need in a city in Kanagawa Prefecture had worn jackets with a logo, in romaji, stating "HOGO NAMENNA" (Don’t abuse the public welfare benefits). Their backs bore English sentences that included "THEY ARE DREGS!" which indicated that some people illegally receive welfare benefits. The city mayor officially apologized, saying, "These expressions are inappropriate." The public criticism is not surprising, as some caseworkers wore these jackets when visiting families on welfare benefits.

Kanta On Manga / Weird Science Manga Highlights 'umwelt'

KANTA ON MANGA / Weird science manga highlights 'Umwelt'

Rapid progress is being made in the field of genome editing, an advanced type of genetic engineering that involves directly rewriting genes. A technology called CRISPR-Cas9, which was introduced in 2012, is said to be able to edit gene information as simply as carrying out a cut and paste command on a computer, and there are hopes that the technology could lead to cures for hereditary diseases.

At the same time, some have said the ability to freely modify the genes of fertilized eggs is moving us closer to creating "designer babies." This week’s manga, "Designs," presents a world in the not-too-distant future where genetic technology has advanced even further and with more sinister results.

Snacks For Better Drinking, By Manga Artist Roswell Hosoki

Snacks for better drinking, by manga artist Roswell Hosoki

Roswell Hosoki enjoys a tasty snack to enhance his drinking sessions, just like Sotatsu Iwama, the 30-something office worker character he created for his long-running manga series "Sake no Hosomochi" (The narrow road of drinking).

Each episode in the series, which is carried in the manga magazine Shukan Manga Goraku (Weekly manga goraku) published by Nihon Bungeisha Co., features a scene where the characters enjoy a drink. The short manga series has also been published in book form, reaching 40 volumes to date since its debut in 1994.

Prizewinning Manga Artist Jiro Taniguchi Dies At 69

Prizewinning manga artist Jiro Taniguchi dies at 69Prizewinning manga artist Jiro Taniguchi died Saturday at age 69, according to an editor close to him, who did not disclose the cause of death.
A native of Tottori, Taniguchi debuted as a manga artist in 1971 and created a number of smash hits such as "Kodoku no Gurume" (The Lonely Gourmet), the TV adaptation of which has drawn many viewers since 2012.

The Louvre Presents Manga As Art

The Louvre presents manga as artAn exhibition featuring manga and bandes dessinees — or French graphic novels, called BD for short — is being held at Grand Front Osaka in Osaka.
The “Louvre No. 9” exhibition is a project undertaken by the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Usj Park Offers Manga, Game Themes For ‘cool Japan’ Initiative

USJ park offers manga, game themes for ‘cool Japan’ initiativeAn escape game themed on the “Detective Conan” manga series was introduced at the Universal Studios Japan theme park for the first time for the third edition of its Universal Cool Japan initiative.
Attractions featuring characters from the “Attack on Titan” series and the “Monster Hunter” video game are also included in the initiative that started on Jan. 13 and runs until June 25.

Ramen Maniac Character Joins Tokiwaso Manga Monuments

Ramen maniac character joins Tokiwaso manga monumentsIn his youth, Shinichi Suzuki lived with other aspiring manga artists, including Naoya Moriyasu, in a two-story wooden apartment building called Tokiwaso in Tokyo's Toshima Ward.
Suzuki never forgot that fellowship living in Tokiwaso, which helped give birth to Japan's manga industry. Today, contributions by the two artists are not forgotten either, with two monuments recently installed in the neighborhood in their honor.

Huge Relief Of 'tsurikichi Sanpei' Manga Character Unveiled At Akita Airport

Huge relief of 'Tsurikichi Sanpei' manga character unveiled at Akita AirportA huge relief depicting Sanpei, the main character in "Tsurikichi Sanpei," a popular manga work, has recently been unveiled at Akita Airport with the attendance of its creator, Takao Yaguchi.
The relief, measuring 3.5 meters high and 6.7 meters wide, consists of 460 ceramic panels, and depicts Sanpei fishing in a river against the backdrop of Mount Chokai and a school of yamame trout. The image is modeled after scenery in the village of Nishinaruse, where Yaguchi was born. The village has been absorbed by the city of Yokote.

Manga History Books Appeal To All Ages And Defy Retail Sales Slump

Manga history books appeal to all ages and defy retail sales slumpWhile the publishing industry as a whole suffers from a retail slump, the educational manga history book genre is bucking the trend and its releases are flying off store shelves.
As veteran publishers release revised versions of long-running popular series, new entrants to the market are hitting back with titles featuring cover illustrations by popular manga artists.

Manga Express Train Set To Bring Summer Fun To Tohoku Region

Manga express train set to bring summer fun to Tohoku regionThe “Manga De Tsuna-Go Tohoku” train cars are themed on, from top to bottom, "One Piece," "Ace of Diamond" and "Case Closed." (Provided by East Japan Railway Co. Sendai Branch Office)
Manga fans are being lured to the Tohoku region this summer with the introduction of a “comic train” adorned with popular characters such as Conan from “Case Closed” and Luffy from “One Piece.”