Hokkaido Quake Leaves Many People Stranded

Hokkaido quake leaves many people stranded

The strong earthquake in Hokkaido on Thursday has left a number of people stranded. The authorities have confronted the problem by opening provisional shelters.

The Hokkaido Railway Company, also known as JR Hokkaido, says passengers remain on several trains that stopped between Minami-Chitose and New Chitose Airport and elsewhere.

Xbox One Reportedly Sold Half As Many Consoles As Ps4

Xbox One Reportedly Sold Half As Many Consoles As PS4

When it comes to announcing and sharing details about console sales, Sony and Nintendo aren’t too share to reveal those figures. Microsoft on the other hand has been somewhat mum on that for their own reasons, but it seems that there could be a reason why, and that is because the console might not be selling as well as the competition which could make Microsoft look bad.

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad who works at Niko Partners, he claims that the global install base for the Xbox One is sitting at 41 million to date. That is an impressive figure, but when you consider that the PS4 has sold 91.6 million units to date, then it starts looking a lot less impressive than before.

Many Around Nuclear Plants Lack Iodine Tablets

Many around nuclear plants lack iodine tablets

An NHK survey shows that more than 40 percent of the people living around nuclear power plants across Japan have not yet received iodine tablets as a precaution in the event of a nuclear accident.

Radioactive iodine may be released into the environment during an accident at a nuclear plant. The substance could cause cancer when taken into the thyroid gland. Use of iodine tablets is a preventive measure.

Facebook In Dark About How Many Affected In Japan

Facebook in dark about how many affected in Japan

Facebook says it doesn't know how many Japanese users were affected by a recent security breach.

A senior Facebook official in charge of privacy spoke to reporters in Japan via video link from the US, following the announcement that hackers stole data from about 29 million user accounts.

Experts: Many Factors Behind Typhoon Storm Surges

Experts: Many factors behind typhoon storm surges

Japanese researchers say multiple factors were behind the very high storm surges observed in western Japan during a powerful typhoon last week.

A team at the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience analyzed sea levels in the Kansai region when Typhoon Jebi hit on September 4th.

Heavy Rainfall Across Many Regions In Japan

Heavy rainfall across many regions in Japan

Heavy rain is battering wide areas of Japan. Weather officials warn that if rainfall continues to increase there is a risk of landslides and swollen rivers.

The severe weather is being caused by a rain front extending across the region, as well as an influx of moist air.

Another Hot Day For Many Parts Of Japan

Another hot day for many parts of Japan

Japanese weather officials are warning that the persistent and severe heatwave will likely bring another hot day to western and eastern Japan.

The officials are urging people to take strict precautions against heatstroke, as what they call a life-threatening hot spell continues to grip the Japanese archipelago.

Public Viewing Events In Japan Draw Many Fans

Public viewing events in Japan draw many fans

Soccer fans flocked to public viewing events across Japan on Tuesday night to watch the national team take on Colombia in their first match of the World Cup finals.

About 320 people gathered in front of a big screen at an event in striker Yuya Osako's hometown of Minami-Satsuma in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Guess How Many Cars Subaru Has Sold In America

Guess How Many Cars Subaru Has Sold In AmericaOf all the Japanese automakers selling new cars in the United States these days, Subaru may not rank among the top. Not up there, at any rate, with Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. But it has a loyal following, with customers who keep coming back for more.

Golden Glow Of Dawn Redwoods Brighten Many A Day In Shiga

Golden glow of dawn redwoods brighten many a day in Shiga

TAKASHIMA, Shiga Prefecture--Fall went out in a blaze of glory here, where the sight of around 500 golden Metasequoia trees drew the season to a spectacular close for camera-wielding sightseers.

The yellow- and orange-colored trees lining an avenue have been attracting numerous spectators as they reach their peak autumn hues.

Lexus Boss Says "not Many People Will Accept" Evs With Current Battery Tech

Lexus Boss Says

Tesla received an astonishing 276,000 pre-orders for the Model 3 within three days of its unveiling but that hasn't stopped Lexus International President Yoshihiro Sawa from saying “not many people will accept” electric vehicles with current battery technology.

Sawa reportedly made the surprising declaration while talking to The Detroit Bureau but stated the company is indeed working on electric vehicle technology. However, he mitigated that remark by saying “We’ll introduce that kind of vehicle at a suitable time.”

Many Thanks

Many thanks

The Yomiuri ShimbunMaiko (apprentice geiko), dressed in formal black kimono, walk in Kyoto's entertainment district to pay courtesy calls on teahouses and their teachers of traditional arts on Tuesday. Known as hassaku, which originally referred to Aug. 1 on the lunar calendar, this has become a traditional summer practice in which geiko and maiko express thanks to people who have given them assistance.