New Species Of Marine Worm Found At Olympic Venue

New species of marine worm found at Olympic venue

A group of Japanese researchers have discovered a new species of marine worm in the bay where Tokyo Olympic triathlon events are scheduled.

Researchers from the National Institute of Polar Research and Toho University said they discovered what they believe to be a new scavenger species of Ophryotrocha worm.

Marine Pilots At Iwakuni Violated In-flight Rules

Marine pilots at Iwakuni violated in-flight rules

The US military has found that several pilots at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in western Japan had been engaged in in-flight misconduct.

The 1st Marine Aircraft Wing made the finding while compiling a report on the midair collision and crash of a fighter jet and a refueling aircraft off western Japan last December. Six people were killed in the accident.

Search Continues In Us Marine Aircraft Collision

Search continues in US Marine aircraft collision

The US military and Japan's Self-Defense Forces are searching for 5 American service members off the coast of western Japan. 7 members were on board 2 military planes that collided mid-air Thursday morning, but 2 of them have been rescued.

Japan's Defense Ministry says an FA-18 fighter jet and a KC-130 refueling aircraft, both from the US Marine Corps Iwakuni Air Station, collided around 100 kilometers south of Cape Muroto in Kochi Prefecture at around 1:40 AM and crashed into waters.

Search Continues In Us Marine Aircraft Crash

Search continues in US Marine aircraft crash

Japan's Self Defense Forces are searching for 6 American military members off the coast of western Japan. They were on board two military planes that collided mid-air Thursday morning.

The SDF say they have rescued one crewmember who is being treated at US Iwakuni air station in western Japan. The government says he is in stable condition.

Us Marine Corps Aircraft Collide And Crash

US Marine Corps aircraft collide and crash

Japanese Self-Defense Force aircraft and vessels are searching off the coast of western Japan after two US Marine Corps aircraft collided mid-air and crashed early Thursday morning.

Japan's Defense Ministry says an FA18 fighter and a KC130 refueling aircraft collided about 100 kilometers south of Cape Muroto, Kochi Prefecture, at 1:40 AM, Japan time.

Defense Ministry: 2 Us Marine Aircraft Crash

Defense Ministry: 2 US Marine aircraft crash

Japan's Defense Ministry says 2 US Marine aircraft have crashed off Kochi Prefecture, western Japan.

Officials say an FA18 fighter and a C130 aircraft deployed at the US Iwakuni Marine Base collided in the air off Cape Muroto at 1:40 AM, Japan time.

Us Marine Ospreys Have History Of Accidents

US Marine Ospreys have history of accidents

US Marine Corps Osprey aircraft have been involved in a series of accidents.

Last September, 2 service members were injured in a crash in Syria. In December 2016, one of the tilt-rotor aircraft broke up during a midair refueling drill off Okinawa, southern Japan.

This Honda Marine Concept Engine Brings A Little Nsx To The Water

This Honda Marine concept engine brings a little NSX to the waterWith an output of more than 10 million products, Honda is the largest engine manufacturer in the world. Aside from its automotive and motorcycle divisions, Honda builds engines for lawnmowers, generators, airplanes, and boats. Most of the time these divisions run independently, but occasionally some traits or designs will bleed over across the divisions, like with this Acura NSX-inspired Honda Marine engine concept.

Honda Establishes Marine Science Foundation To Support Coastal Preservation

Honda Establishes Marine Science Foundation to Support Coastal PreservationInspired by the Japanese concept of sato-umi – the convergence of land and sea where human and marine life can harmoniously coexist – Honda today announced the establishment of the Honda Marine Science Foundation, a new initiative to address marine ecosystem restoration and the impact of humans and climate change on oceans and intertidal areas. Committed to marine conservation, the foundation will support science-based programs that improve and preserve coastal areas for future generations. Its first initiative is the Southern California Native Oyster Restoration Project.

Okinawa Photographer Captures Underwater Images Of Crash-landed U.s. Marine Osprey

Okinawa photographer captures underwater images of crash-landed U.S. Marine OspreyA local photographer has captured underwater photos of a U.S. Marine MV-22 Osprey that crash-landed off the coast of Nago, Okinawa Prefecture, on Dec. 13.
The photos by 66-year-old Osamu Makishi, of the prefectural city of Okinawa, reveal the extent of the damage to the U.S. military transport aircraft, its fuselage broken into pieces and components strewn across the seafloor.