Former Akb48's Takajo Aki Marries Pro Soccer Player Takahashi Yuji

Former AKB48's Takajo Aki marries pro soccer player Takahashi Yuji

It's been reported that former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (27) and Takahashi Yuji (25) professional soccer player for Sagan Tosu, tied the knot on February 15. 

On her SNS account, Takajo commented, "Please excuse me for this personal matter, but today, I have registered my marriage with Sagan Tosu's Takahashi Yuji-san. By supporting each other as husband and wife, I hope to build a cheerful and peaceful family. I am still very immature, but please continue to support me." Takahashi wrote a similar message on his SNS account. 

Tomatsu Haruka Marries A Non-celebrity Man

Tomatsu Haruka marries a non-celebrity man

Tomatsu Haruka has announced that she has married a non-celebrity man on January 11. 

On her blog, she wrote, "One is my favorite number, and it was a lucky day, so I registered my marriage on the day that my favorite number lined up." She continued, "I hope to build a family where I can smile and be myself at all times." On her job as a voice actress, which she started when she was 16 years old, she said, "I want to devote myself as an actor and a person even more. Of course, I will continue to do my job.

Exile Makidai Marries A Non-celebrity Woman

EXILE MAKIDAI marries a non-celebrity woman

It's been reported that EXILE MAKIDAI has married a non-celebrity woman on December 31. 

MAKIDAI ended his activities as an EXILE performer after appearing on 'CDTV Special! Toshikoshi Premium Live 2015→2016.' Currently, he is putting his work into PKCZ, a unit he formed with VERBAL and DJ DARUMA. On his artist page, he commented, "After spending time together, I felt assured that I could build a warm family with her, and so I decided to spend the rest of my life with her."

Former Sdn48's Natsuko Marries An Engineer

Former SDN48's Natsuko marries an engineer

Former SDN48 member and actress Natsuko (29) has announced that she has married an engineer. 

On her blog, she reported, "It's a personal matter, but I would like to announce that I, Natsuko, have gotten married. I entered showbiz at the age of 15, and it's all thanks to all those who support me that I am able to continue working like this. I am very grateful."

Uehara Takako Marries Director Kou Kazuya

Uehara Takako marries director Kou Kazuya

On October 10, director Kou Kazuya announced via SNS that he has married actress Uehara Takako (35).

He wrote, "I have already registered my marriage with the woman I have been dating for some time. We have also been blessed with a long desired baby. No matter what anyone thinks, my wife and I will protect our child. I will protect my family!"

Da Pump's Issa Marries A Non-celebrity Woman

DA PUMP's ISSA marries a non-celebrity woman

DA PUMP member ISSA has announced his marriage. 

On the group's official website, ISSA made the announcement signed under his real name Hentona Issa, "It's a personal matter, but I would like to announce that I have registered my marriage with a woman whom I have been dating for sometime. I am unable to release any details as she is a non-celebrity woman, but it would make me happy if you would watch over us warmly. As DA PUMP and as an individual, I will continue to do my best, so please continue to support me and the members."

Moriyama Naotaro Marries Pianist Hirai Mamiko

Moriyama Naotaro marries pianist Hirai Mamiko

It's been revealed that Moriyama Naotaro has gotten married. 

Moriyama's wife is pianist and composer Hirai Mamiko. According to reports, the two were both born in the same year (1976) and have known each other before Moriyama's debut in 2002. She has served as the support pianist in some of Moriyama's concerts. Persons close to the two say that they have been dating for about a year or two. 

Bananaman's Himura Yuki Marries Reporter Kanda Aika

Bananaman's Himura Yuki marries reporter Kanda Aika

Comedian duo Bananaman's Himura Yuki has announced his marriage to reporter Kanda Aika. 

According to their agencies, the couple does not have any plans for a wedding ceremony and reception. Currently, they are living together, and Kanda is not pregnant at this time. 

Kago Ai Marries 38-year-old Company Manager

Kago Ai marries 38-year-old company managerKago Ai has announced that she has gotten married!
Kago's new husband is a 38-year-old manager of a beauty related company. She stated, "What I'm most happy about is that he showers my daughter with lots of love with a warm heart. When I'm with him, I can be calm and at ease." Kago plans on continuing her music and acting careers.

Actor Watabe Gota Marries A Non-celebrity Woman

Actor Watabe Gota marries a non-celebrity womanOn June 1, it was reported that actor Watabe Gota (30) has married a non-celebrity woman.
In the announcement, Watabe wrote, "On this auspicious day for all types of occasions, I have submitted my marriage registration papers without mishap." He continued, "Without forgetting these grateful feelings, we hope to build a fun family together." On his career, he stated, "I hope to work even harder as an actor. Please continue to warmly watch over our future."

Yoshizawa Hitomi Marries On November 22nd

Yoshizawa Hitomi marries on November 22ndFormer Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi registered her marriage on November 22nd.
In Japan, November 22nd is known as "Ii Fufu no Hi" ("Good Couples Day") as the date (11/22) can be pronounced as "ii fufu" ("good couple"). Yoshizawa released an official statement saying, "Today marks the new start for us.