Pond Goblin Character Wins Mascot Popularity Poll

Pond goblin character wins mascot popularity poll

A character representing a mythological pond goblin has won an annual poll to decide the most popular local mascot in Japan.

But the contest was dogged by controversy over the voting behavior of employees of a local government.

Kumamoto Prefecture Lifts The Ban On Overseas Use Of The Kumamon Mascot Design

Kumamoto Prefecture lifts the ban on overseas use of the Kumamon mascot design

KUMAMOTO--Kumamoto Prefecture has lifted the ban on overseas use of the Kumamon mascot design, sparking anger from local companies that want to keep the popular bear-like character for themselves.

Many companies say the original purpose of the mascot should remain the same: promoting the prefecture on the southern main island of Kyushu and its products.

Introducing Hokkaido's Answer To Kumamon Mascot: Melon Bear

Introducing Hokkaido's answer to Kumamon mascot: Melon Bear

YUBARI, Hokkaido -- With Kumamoto Prefecture's "Kumamon" mascot becoming a household name across Japan, it is also worth mentioning "Melon Kuma" -- a bear-themed mascot originating in this northern city.

With most of its face resembling a melon, Melon Kuma is supposed to have transmogrified from a regular bear into a fierce-looking bear with a largely green face.

City Promoters Try To Boost Unpopular Local Mascot In National Contest

City promoters try to boost unpopular local mascot in national contestWith an eye on this year's "Yuru-kyara Grand Prix," a local mascot popularity contest, officials here are trying to boost the fallen ranking of Yanagawa's local symbol, "Koppori."
Koppori was created in 2011, and is supposed to be a magical being that protects the local waterways. Koppori has participated in the popularity contest for four years in a row since 2012, but while it took 61st place that year, by 2015 it had plummeted all the way down to 1,305th.

Photo : Mascot Mix Nov 2015

Photo : Mascot mix Nov 2015From left, mascots Bary-san, Gunma-chan, Ieyasu-kun, Kumamon and Sanomaru appear together on the opening day of the Yurukyara Grand Prix 2015 at the Nagisaen outdoor facility in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, on Nov. 21, 2015. Visitors to the facility will vote on their favorite mascots, or "yurukyara," and the votes will be combined with the results of online voting (which has already closed), to produce a ranking of the most popular characters on Nov. 23.

Shima Casts Off Shapely Teenage Diver Mascot After Claims Of Sexism

Shima casts off shapely teenage diver mascot after claims of sexismCurvy teenage mascot Megu Aoshima has been given the deep six by city authorities here because she exudes too much sexuality.
Shima city, a co-host of next year’s Group of Seven summit, withdrew official recognition of the controversial cartoon character Nov. 5 after receiving a petition in August slamming the adoption of the anime-style cartoon character as "sexist."