Idol Group Kat-tun Ex-member Taguchi Arrested

Idol group KAT-TUN ex-member Taguchi arrested

A former member of the male idol group KAT-TUN, Junnosuke Taguchi, has been arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana.

Sources say the health ministry's narcotics control department searched Taguchi's residence based on a tip and found dried cannabis on Wednesday.

Ngt48's Agency And Aks Release Statement Regarding Assault Case Involving Member Yamaguchi Maho

NGT48's agency and AKS release statement regarding assault case involving member Yamaguchi Maho

NGT48's agency and their operating company AKS has released a statement regarding an assault case involving member Yamaguchi Maho. 

In a live broadcast on Twitter and SHOWROOM on January 8 and 9, Yamaguchi revealed that she was attacked by two men in front of her home in December. She then participated in the group's third anniversary event on January 10 where she apologized to her fans for causing them to worry. 

Former Keyakizaka46 Member Imaizumi Yui Signs With Avex To Start Her Acting Career

Former Keyakizaka46 member Imaizumi Yui signs with Avex to start her acting career

Imaizumi Yui, who graduated from Keyakizaka46 in November, has signed with Avex and has officially started her activities as an actress. From March, she will play the heroine in the stage play 'Atami Satsujin Jiken: LAST GENERATION 46' to be shown in Tokyo and Osaka. 

Watching Kawaei Rina succeed after her graduation from AKB48, Imaizumi decided to join Avex to challenge herself in a wide range of things. Although she has starred in dramas as a member of Keyakizaka46, she now plans to shift her focus on acting. 

Former Nogizaka46 Member Wakatsuki Yumi Launches Instagram Account

Former Nogizaka46 member Wakatsuki Yumi launches Instagram account

Wakatsuki Yumi, who just graduated from Nogizaka46 this month, has launched an Instagram account (@yumi_wakatsuki_official).

In her post, she uploaded a photo of herself eating cake with her eyes closed, and wrote in hashtags, "Thanks for waiting. What, you weren't waiting? Wakatsuki Yumi graduates and looks to the future." She then revealed in her second post that she started Instagram because she wants to notify her fans of her work. 

Former Nogizaka46 Member Nakamoto Himeka To Become A Psychological Counselor

Former Nogizaka46 member Nakamoto Himeka to become a psychological counselor

Nakamoto Himeka, who graduated from Nogizaka46 last year, has launched an official website announcing that she will begin her work as a psychological counselor. 

She wrote, "It's been a year since I graduated. I found the next thing I want to do, studied it from the beginning, and it's finally taking shape. I feel relieved that I am able to make this announcement." She reflected on her idol activities as being her asset, and stated, "You don't hear too often about young counselors. However, I feel that there are things that only I can respond to being 22 years old. I believe there will be someone that needs me."

Nihon Univ. Football Team Member May Have Lied

Nihon Univ. football team member may have lied

NHK has learned that a member of a college football team may have lied in a statement that led to the recognition that former coaches instructed a player to commit a dangerous tackle during a game.

A Nihon University player injured a Kwansei Gakuin University quarterback in a tackle long after the ball was passed during an inter-college game in May.

Former Morning Musume Member Yoshizawa Hitomi Arrested

Former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi arrested

J.P ROOM Inc. announced that former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi was arrested on September 6 around 6:00 pm. 

In the fax statement, Yoshizawa's agency said, "We are checking everything related to the incident including details of what's currently being reported." They plan to take strict action once the details have been confirmed. 

Fantastics Member Nakao Shota Passes Away Due To Stomach Cancer

FANTASTICS member Nakao Shota passes away due to stomach cancer

LDH group FANTASTICS member Nakao Shota, who had been undergoing treatment since March for stomach cancer, has passed away on July 6. He was 22 years old. 

Nakao had been in poor health since late last year. After detailed examination, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which he revealed in March, "I was baffled as it was so sudden, but I am gradually accepting the reality and am determined to fight this illness," and promised his return, "I will definitely win! Please wait for me! Please continue to support me!

Former Vivid Member Shin Covers 'glamorous Sky'

Former ViViD member SHIN covers 'GLAMOROUS SKY'

A cover of "GLAMOROUS SKY" by former ViViD member SHIN was released digitally on May 21. 

Two years after ViViD disbanded, SHIN rolled out his solo activities. This spring, he attracted attention after revealing that his artist name came from a character in the manga 'NANA.' This is why he chose his first cover song to be the theme song for 'NANA,' "GLAMOROUS SKY" by NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA. 

Former Sdn48 Member Imayoshi Megumi Announces Marriage

Former SDN48 member Imayoshi Megumi announces marriage

Former SDN48 member Imayoshi Megumi (30) has announced her marriage.

On her blog, she wrote, "I made my debut as a first generation member of SDN48 when I was 21 years old with support of my staff and fans. When my hometown of Mashikimachi was struck by disaster, I thought about returning to Mashikimachi. However, with the support of many people, I am able to continue working today."