Sony's Ps5, Microsoft's Xbox Consoles Will Be More Environmentally Friendly

Sony's PS5, Microsoft's Xbox Consoles Will Be More Environmentally Friendly

This is why there is an increasing call to focus more on renewable sources of energy, and both Sony and Microsoft are pledging to do their part. As part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance during the UN Climate Summit, both Microsoft and Sony have announced that they will be taking steps to ensure that their consoles will be more environmentally friendly.

From Microsoft’s end, the company will be launching a pilot program that will create 825,000 carbon neutral Xbox consoles. According to Microsoft, “These are the first gaming consoles to be carbon neutral. While just a pilot, we’re already looking at what we can do to further reduce and neutralize carbon across devices in the future.”

Microsoft's Dual-screen Surface Device May Support Android Apps

Microsoft's Dual-Screen Surface Device May Support Android Apps

It has been rumored for a while now that Microsoft is working on a dual-display device which will be introduced under the Surface brand. A recent report had even suggested that the company had displayed a prototype of this device to employees. A new report claims that this unnamed device will have two 9 inch displays with 4:3 aspect ratio and that it will be capable of running Android apps.

The report claims that this device, codenamed Centaurus, will be able to run Android apps as that will be supported by Microsoft’s new Windows Core OS (WCOS) operating system. WCOS is essentially the platform for a more lightweight version of Windows OS. It’s this operating system that’s known as Windows Lite internally which will be used for dual-screen devices and competitors for Chromebooks.